Fall 2020

The biophysics/soft matter seminars will be held online on Tuesdays at 10:30am. To request access to the videoconference, email dsivak@sfu.ca.

Date Speaker Topic
Sept 29 Lena Koslover (University of California San Diego)

Dashing through the Maze: Transport in Intracellular Networks

Oct 6 Avinash Kumar (Physics, SFU)

Exponentially faster cooling in a colloidal system

Oct 13 Moumita Das (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Collective Behavior Underlying the Mechanobiology of Tissues

Oct 20 Ariel Amir (Harvard University)

Statistical physics of microbial growth: fluctuations, phase transitions and large deviations

Nov 3 Lavisha Jindal (Physics, SFU)

Superdiffusive motion and motility modes in the dynamics of polyvalent rotational monowheels

Nov 10 Steve Large (Physics, SFU)

Energy flows and dissipation in autonomous nonequilibrium systems

Nov 17 Eric Schibli (Physics, SFU)

The nanostructure and ion dynamics of novel hydrocarbon ionene AEMs via scattering and simulation