Spring 2006

Date Speaker Topic
*January 9 Eldon Emberly
SFU Physics
In vitro spatial patterning of genes
January 16 Martin Howard
Imperial College
Finding the Centre Reliably: Robust Pattern of Developmental Gene Expression
January 26 Eric Cytrynbaum
UBC Math
A novel "volume-sensing" mechanism for the spatial- organization of the cytoskeleton
January 30 Joerg Rottler
UBC Physics
February 6 Peter Unrau
Catalytic and evolutionary strategies exploited by RNA
February 13 Ping Ao
U Washington
Modeling the Stability and Robustness of Phage Lambda Genetic Switch
February 27 Sarah Veatch
Liquid immiscibility in model bilayer membranes: phase diagrams, critical phenomena, and implications for lipid rafts
March 6 Max Donelan
SFU Kinesiology
March 20 Andre Marziali
UBC Physics
March 27 Tom Butler
U Washington
Inferring RNA orientation during translocation through a biological nanopore
April 3 Steve Plotkin
UBC Physics
How does a protein fold? The effects of structure and many body interactions.
April 4 2:30PM
Ole G. Mouritsen
U. S. Denmark
Physics of the Activation of Interfacial Enzymes

Fall 2005

Date Speaker Topic
September 27 Jeff Gore
UC Berkeley
Single molecule studies of DNA twist mechanics and gyrase mechanochemistry (abstract)
October 4 Raibatak Das
UBC Mathematics
An automated image cross-correlation analysis to quantify the real-time dynamics of mast cell signalling (abstract)
October 14 The Biophysics
The Biophysics Bash! Follow link for times and abstracts!
October 18 Jean Francois Ganghoffer Modelling of the behaviour of cell-wall interface during the rolling of a single cell: a probabilistic approach (abstract)
October 20
Pietro Cicuta
Unusual polymer dynamics in 2D (abstract)
October 25 Teodor Burghelea
UBC Mathematics
Chaotic flow and mixing with a dilute polymer solution in a regime of elastic turbulence (abstract)
November 8 Ben Smith
UBC Physics
Viscoelastic behaviour of living cells investigated with atomic force microscopy (abstract)
November 15 Carl Hansen
UBC Physics
Microfluidic Tools for Structural Biology (abstract)
November 29 Bernhard Andreaus
Modeling kinetic processes on nanoparticle electrocatalysts
December 22 Christian Code
U Helsinki
Induction of Amyloid-like Fibers by Acidic Phospholipids

Summer 2005

Date Speaker Topic
*May 10 Nancy Forde,
A Brownian motor mechanism of translocation and strand separation by hepatitis C virus helicase (link)
*May 17 Martin Zuckermann,
Coupling of Two Motor Proteins: a New Motor Can Move Faster (link)
*May 25 Connie Roth,
FRET measurements of cell-traction forces and nano-scale clustering of adhesion ligands varied by substrate stiffness (link)
*June 1 Eldon Emberly,
Reconstitution of Circadian Oscillation of Cyanobacterial KaiC Phosphorylation in Vitro (link)
*June 2 Erin Craig,
U of Oregon
Active hair-bundle motility harnesses noise to operate near an optimum of mechanosensitivity (link)
*June 29 Elana Brief,
Molecular dynamics of cyclically contracting insect flight muscle in vivo (link)
*July 6 Edgar Young,
Activation of pausing F1 motor by external force (link)
*July 13 Philip Johnson,
A Self-Organized Vortex Array of Hydrodynamically Entrained Sperm Cells (link)
*July 20 Vahid Shahrezaei,
Uncovering the overlapping community structure of complex networks in nature and society (link)
*July 27 Michelle Lee,
Gradient of Rigidity in the Lamellipodia of Migrating Cells Revealed by Atomic Force Microscopy (link)
*August 3 John Bechhoefer,
Far-field optical microscopy at resolutions as good as 16 nm (2 papers: link1, link2)
*August 10 David Lee,
Mixed self-assembled monolayer-based surface plasmon immunosensor for detection of E. coli O157:H7 (link)
*August 17 Yi Deng,
Optimality and evolutionary tuning of the expression level of a protein (link)
*August 24 Matthew Downton,
DNA twisting flexibility and the formation of sharply looped protein-DNA complexes (link)
August 31 Helmut Brand, U of Bayreuth (Germany) Magnetic Gels: a New Class of Materials

Note: Dates flagged with a * are journal club talks.