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Group Meeting/Seminar

Soft Condensed Matter / Biophysics Summer Seminar Series as of May 22 2002

Talks will be in the Physics Seminar Room P8445b at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.

Date Name Title Snacks (!!)
Jun 12 Michael Dugdale Inter-Membrane Hydration Forces and the Importance of Fluctuations Barbara Frisken
Jun 19 Vincent Fourmond TBA John Bechhoefer
Jun 26 Vahid Shahrazaei Ca Dynamics Close to a Protein Channel - Effect of Fluctuations and Geometry Mike Plischke
Jul 3 Philip Patty Dependence of Vesicle Radius on Extrusion Pressure Jenifer Thewalt
Jul 10 Gerald Lim A Numerical Recipe for Modelling Mammalian Erythrocyte Morphologies
Mike Wortis
Jul 17 Bram Sadlik TBA Barbara Frisken
Jul 24 Suckjoon Jun Dynamics of Chain Closure Probability of Semi-flexible Polymer -- Application to Biological Systems
Dave Boal
Jul 31 Yvonne Yuan TBA Martin Zuckerman
Aug 6 Bloen Metzger TBA John Bechhoefer