Summer 2012

The biophysics seminars will be held on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
May 29 John Benchoefer
The energy-speed-accuracy trade-off in sensory adaptation
June 7 (thursday) Andew Pelling (University of Ottawa)
From tip to toe: imaging and quantifying the transduction of mechanical force through the cytoarchitecture
June 12 Nancy Forde
Single-Molecule Lysozyme Dynamics Monitored by an Electronic Circuit
June 19 Naghmeh Rezaei
The molten globule state is unusually deformable under mechanical force
June 28 (thursday at 1:30 pm) Mary Beilby (University of New South Wales)
Electrical characteristics of plant cell membrane
July 3 Saeed Saberi
Experimental evolution of multicellularity
July 10 Yaroslav Ispolatov (UBC)
A Model of cisternae maturation and vesicle transport in Golgi stack
July 17 Shirin Hadizadeh
July 24 Antoine Baker
Generic indicators for loss of resilience before a tipping point leading to population collapse
July 31 Marjan Shayegan
Impact-activated solidification of dense suspensions via dynamic jamming fronts
August 7 Richard Mendelsohhn (Rutgers University)
Vibrational spectroscopy, microscopy and imaging-Applications to Skin Biophysics and and Pharmacology
August 13 (Monday) Gijs Wuite (VU University Amsterdam)
Revealing the competition between unpeeling, melting-bubble and S-DNA formation during DNA overstretching by force and fluorescence microscopy