Summer 2016

The biophysics/soft matter journal club/seminars will be held Wednesdays at 1:00 pm in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
May 10 Eldon Emberly

An exact mapping between the Variational Renormalization Group and Deep Learning

May 17 Jie Yan (Physics, National University of Singapore)

Structural-mechanical determination of the mechanical stability of biomolecules

May 31 (room SSB7172) John Bechhoefer

Thermodynamics of Computational Copying in Biochemical Systems

June 7 Miranda Schmidt

Direct observation of structure and dynamics during phase separation of an elastomeric protein

June 12 (Monday, 2:30pm) David Schnoerr (Edinburgh)

Using ideas from statistics for analysing (spatio-temporal) stochastic processes

June 14 Mike Kirkness

Hidden dynamics in the unfolding of individual bacteriorhodopsin proteins

June 28 Matthias Gey

When is a bit worth much more than kT ln2?

July 5 Avinash Kumar

Stochastic Thermodynamics of Learning

July 12 Pau Farre

Information socialtaxis and efficient collective behavior emerging in groups of information-seeking agents

July 19 Steve Large

Design principles for nonequilibrium self-assembly

July 26 Lavisha Jindal

Chromatin stiffening underlies enhanced locus mobility after DNA damage in budding yeast

Aug 2 Joanne Mercer

Evolutionary drivers of thermoadaptation in enzyme catalysis

Aug 9 Emma Lathouwers

Evidence for the principle of minimal frustration in the evolution of protein folding landscapes