Summer 2019 

The biophysics/soft matter journal club meetings/seminars will be held Tuesdays at 12:30 pm in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.




May 14

David Sivak (Physics, SFU)

A fluid-to-solid jamming transition underlies vertebrate body axis elongation  

May 28

Nancy Forde (Physics, SFU)

Can droplets bounce within liquids?  

June 11

Eugene Hu (Physics, SFU) (SSB 7172)

Decoding the gap gene network of Drosophila melanogaster  

June 18

Alaa Al-Shaer (MBB, SFU)

Physical Principles of Membrane Shape Regulation by the Glycocalyx  

June 25

Will Ludington (Embryology, Carnegie Mellon)

Microbiome interactions shape host fitness  

July 2

Farnaz Mohseni (Physics, SFU)

Acoustic trap-and-release for rapid assessment of cell motility  

July 9

Chapin Korosec (Physics, SFU)

Stochastic nonlinear dynamics of confined cell migration in two-state systems 

July 16

Tushar Saha (Physics, SFU)

Optimal Feedback Cooling of a Charged Levitated Nanoparticle with Adaptive Control  

July 16

Anderson Shum * (Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong University) 2:00pm

Electrical manipulation of jets, drops and liquid marbles 

July 23

Joseph Lucero (Physics, SFU)

A universal biomolecular integral feedback controller for robust perfect adaptation 

July 30

Kathrin Lehmann (Physics, SFU)

Human sperm steer with second harmonics of the flagellar beat 

August 13

Miranda Louwerse (Chemistry, SFU)

The entropic force generated by intrinsically disordered segments tunes protein function