Summer 2020

The biophysics/soft matter seminars will be held online. To request access to the videoconference, email

Date Speaker Topic
May 20 John Bechhoefer

Single-molecule diffusometry reveals no catalysis-induced diffusion enhancement of alkaline phosphatase as proposed based on FCS experiments,  

May 27 Joseph Lucero

Long-range temporal coordination of gene expression in synthetic microbial consortia  

June 24 Emma Lathouwers

Holographic virtual staining of individual biological cells

June 29 Sarah Loos

Stochastic systems with memory

July 2 Deepak Gupta

Work fluctuations and Jarzynski equality in stochastic resetting

July 8 Jannik Ehrich

Kolmogorovian Active Turbulence of a Sparse Assembly of Interacting Marangoni Surfers

July 15 Eugene Hu

Lessons from equilibrium statistical physics regarding the assembly of protein complexes

July 29 Steven Blaber

Reconfigurable microbots folded from simple colloidal chains

August 5 Karel Proesmans

Loopy Levy flights enhance tracer diffusion in active suspensions

August 12 Prithviraj Basak

Phase separation reduces noise in cells.

August 19 Alaa Al-Shaer

The role of single-cell mechanical behaviour and polarity in driving collective cell migration