We’re building a new executive team and an ambassador team to support SFU’s new and upcoming Bitcoin initiatives. Join us.

The Simon Fraser Bitcoin Club is the public’s go-to for expertise on Bitcoin in Canada, and particularly at the university level. But you don’t have to be a fanatic or knowledgeable to join us. Knowledge can be learned. What will continue to make the club successful is a dedicated team who works well together, takes the world by the horns, and isn’t afraid of trying something new.

Because of our work, SFU has funded two students in Bitcoin on their co-op terms with humanitarian projects. SFU is now considering accepting Bitcoin at the Bookstore and Dining Services, plus placing ATMs on campus. What other student club has helped its university become just as innovative as MIT and Stanford?

Send in your name and a short writeup about why you’re interested in becoming more involved with Bitcoin and the club to bitcoin@sfu.ca, along with links to your professional online presence. Deadline is Monday, Sept. 22. LinkedIn, Twitter, a personal blog or landing page, newspaper clippings, whatever best expresses your accomplishments. If you want to send a resume, please do so in .pdf. Interviews run from Sept. 12 to Sept. 24. Here are the positions in our new executive team. Terms are two semesters (fall and spring):

Director of University Relations Main liaison between the club and SFU administration, as well as external university groups. Candidate is mature, trustworthy, and adept at networking.

Director of Communications Oversees building and retaining an audience through our digital and web communication channels. Candidate is media-savvy, and will learn how to manage web campaigns, media relations, crisis communications, and forming brand partnerships.

Director of Outreach Oversees face-to-face community relations and is our club’s lead ambassador. Candidate is highly extroverted, and will learn how to lead a team, networking, and engaging people through word-of-mouth.

Director of Finance Maintains the club’s ledgers and cash flow. Candidate is detail-oriented, and will learn Bitcoin trading and managing an organization’s finances and accounting.

Director of Business Development Develops business models for the club, which may include but is not limited to fundraising and sponsorships. Candidate is a creative thinker, and will learn how to “fail fast” in a low-risk environment, and learn how to create revenue streams.

Bitcoin Ambassador team (one semester) Our team of ambassadors will make personal connections with students, faculty, and administration about Bitcoin who are interested in participating or learning more about how Bitcoin can fit into their lives. We would like a commitment of at least five hours per month from each ambassador. This can be used any way you like, whether it’s talking with an economics professor during office hours, writing a blog post, or even attending a student event representing Bitcoin or the club. At the end of the semester, ambassadors will have letters of reference.

We’re Canada’s First University to Accept Bitcoin Donations!


Lauren Shandley, Mike Yeung, Laurie Macpherson, and Scott Nelson celebrate the first Bitcoin donation to SFU.

The Simon Fraser Bitcoin Club is happy to announce that SFU now accepts Bitcoin for donations! Donations of $20 or more in bitcoins will be eligible for tax receipts.

The first round of Bitcoin donations ($6,000 in total) came from Scott Nelson, an SFU alumnus and a co-founder of Dana.io (a crypto-currency enabled crowdfunding platform) and Mike Yeung, founder of the Bitcoin Club at SFU. Some of the donations were kept as bitcoins and everything will be used to help two Health-Science Co-op students on their trip to Kolkata, India to assist Destiny Reflection.


The Destiny Reflection is an organization based in India that helps rescued women who were victimized by human trafficking and for those whose circumstances make them vulnerable to being trafficked. Lauren Shandley and Laurie Macpherson will be engaging NGO’s, businesses, and anyone else they’ll run in India into on the subject of Bitcoin, where Bitcoin is a booming industry and has the potential to alleviate poverty through the attributes of cryptocurrencies. The two students will report their experience in promoting Bitcoin use in India through blogging.

“With 1.2 billion people and one of the widest income inequality gaps in the entire world, India has a population that is more than 40 percent unbanked. At the same time, it receives about $70 billion annually in remittances.”

More about Bitcoin in India and this story can be found here:



Bitcoin Magazine – Issue 20 Available for Sale!

BITCOIN-MAGAZINE_Issue20-1_min Want to get the inside scoop on the world of virtual currencies? Then you must check out the print edition of Bitcoin Magazine! We will be selling each copy at all of our upcoming events for the MRSP of $8.88. We accept cash and bitcoins. B1 In-person pickup: $8.88 per copy No Shipping cost (Please send an email to bitcoin@sfu.ca to arrange a meeting time downtown) B2 Ship to a location in the Lower Mainland: $8.88 per copy Plus Shipping cost: $10.00 USD (Delivery time is roughly 4 to 5 business days)

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