Upcoming Events:

RedDotArt360 Art Exhibition poster

RedDotArt360.com Opening Reception @
The Waterfall (Granville Island)
Thursday, June 26th: 8pm – midnight



SFU Speakers Series: David Andoflatto
Cryptocurrencies: Beyond & Beyond
Monday, July 7th: 7pm – late


Bitcoin Magazine – Issue 20 Available for Sale!

BITCOIN-MAGAZINE_Issue20-1_min Want to get the inside scoop on the world of virtual currencies? Then you must check out the print edition of Bitcoin Magazine! We will be selling each copy at all of our upcoming events for the MRSP of $8.88. We accept cash and bitcoins. B1 In-person pickup: $8.88 per copy No Shipping cost (Please send an email to bitcoin@sfu.ca to arrange a meeting time downtown) B2 Ship to a location in the Lower Mainland: $8.88 per copy Plus Shipping cost: $10.00 USD (Delivery time is roughly 4 to 5 business days)



Our History

The Simon Fraser Bitcoin Club was officially recognized by the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) on June 24th, 2013. It is the premier club of its kind anywhere in the world.

Our Mandate

The Club educates and engages Canadians on the emerging world of decentralized virtual currencies and the future of money.

  1. Help SFU become the premier university for innovation by making it synonymous with Bitcoin.
  2. Provide presentations on how Bitcoin functions and its implications for individuals, businesses, politics, and the economy.
  3. Create networking opportunities for people of all disciplines.
  4. Help merchants adopt Bitcoin
  5. Partner with charity groups.
  6. Facilitate debates and collaborations.

Business & Non-profits

Are you looking to accept bitcoins? Please contact us at bitcoin@sfu.ca. We can help your organization become Bitcoin-ready in a short period of time.

Follow our social pages for the latest Bitcoin news update



If you want to help spread awareness of Bitcoin, please consider donating to our Bitcoin address. Thank you! 16ttPKHFKVx7Zt8e4bB6i3ymNAHEGzwWTZ


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