April 3 and April 4, 2003 Meeting Summaries

The April 3, 2003 meeting was adjourned after the approval of the Tuition Fee and Operating Budget agenda items due to a student protest. The Board reconvened on April 4, 2003 to deal with the remaining agenda items.


A. Finance and Administration

  1. Donations: the Board approved terms of reference and accepted donations to new funds, and accepted donations to existing funds, as follows:
    December, 2002 (Supplementary)   $345,024 and $4,768*
    January, 2003 (Supplementary)   $114,615
    February, 2003 $503,145 and $5,124* $190,014
    *SFU Foundation
  2. The Board approved the 2003/2004 Tuition, Student Services, and Athletics & Recreation fees. Click here to view the motion as a pdf document.
  3. The Board approved the 2003/2004 proposed Operating Budget.
  4. The Board approved the revised GP 18 – Human Rights Policy. The policy was formerly known as the Harassment Policy, and has been amended to include all prohibited grounds under BC Human Rights legislation.
  5. The Board approved the appointment of Mr. Elio Fata to the Administrative/Union Pension Plan Board of Trustees as the CUPE Local 3338 representative for the period December 1, 2002 to November 30, 2005.
  6. The Board approved the revised policy GP 25 – Response to Violence and Threatening Behaviour. This policy outlines how the University responds to emergency and non-emergency situations caused by threats to personal safety, and to violence directed at any member of the campus community. The policy revisions include SFU Surrey, Case Management Teams, and guidance in dealing with potential threats to personal safety.
  7. The Board approved the proposed policy GP 32 – Environmental Management Policy. This policy is the first step in fully articulating the policies and procedures that will ensure diligence in environmental matters. It provides an overarching policy statement that sets general principles and broad responsibilities. In due course, more specific procedures will be developed to complement this policy.
  8. The Board approved the proposed policy GP 33 – Animal/Pet Policy. This policy is a response to the need to minimize the potential health and safety risks to students and employees that may result from the presence of animals/pets (other than working animals and research animals) on the Burnaby campus.

B. Academic Operations

  1. The Board approved the establishment of a Centre for Research on Adaptive Behaviour in Economics, the proposal for a PhD Program in Women’s Studies, and the deletion of the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Environmental Toxicology and the Minor in Quaternary Studies. The Board heard that Senate approved a change in policy regarding the admission of Associate Degree Students from BC Colleges and University Colleges, approved revised admission requirements for the Tech One program, and discussed the SFU Surrey Long-term Planning Committee discussion paper. The Board received information that Senate approved undergraduate curriculum revisions in the Faculties of Science, Business Administration and Applied Sciences, and graduate curriculum revisions in Special Arrangement Courses and in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.
  2. The Board approved the undergraduate admission targets for each basis-of-admission group and for each semester in 2003/04. These admission targets are slightly less than the previous year, and are the first step in a two year process of scaling admissions back to funded targets. The University is currently over-enrolled by 700 FTEs.
  3. The Board approved that the target for the number of international students, excluding exchange students, who are studying in undergraduate programs be established at 10% of SFU’s funded undergraduate FTE target in the academic years 2003/04, 2004/05, and 2005/06. This change is in concert with a change in the tuition policy for international undergraduate students that will move to full cost recovery. SFU will remove one-fifth of the international undergraduate students from the funded base each year for the next five years and replace them with domestic students.

C. Other

  1. The Board heard that SFU student Jane Nunnikhoven has been named co-op student of the year by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education.

    A. Finance and Administration

  1. There are no items to report.

B. Academic Operations

  1. Faculty Appointments

    The following academic appointments were approved and have been accepted:

    Dr. Alexander Dawson Assistant Professor History 01/09/03 – 31/08/07
    Dr. A. Funda Ergun Assistant Professor Computing Science 01/07/03 – 31/08/07
    Dr. Samir Gandesha Assistant Professor Humanities 01/09/03 – 31/08/07
    Dr. Jonathan Jedwab Associate Professor Mathematics 01/09/03 – 31/08/08
    Dr. Jo Ressler Assistant Professor Chemistry 01/05/04 – 31/08/08
    Dr. Cenk Sahinalp AssociateProfessor Computing Science 01/07/03 – 31/08/08
    Dr. Mathini Sellathurai Assistant Professor and Sierra Wireless Chair in Wireless Communication Engineering Science 01/04/03 – 31/08/07
    Dr. Paul Shaker Professor with tenure Education 01/07/03
  2. Administrative Appointments
    Dr. John Dickinson Director Kinesiology 01/09/03 – 31/08/05
    Dr. Nancy Olewiler Director Master's of Public Policy Program, Economics 01/04/03 – 31/03/08
    Dr. Paul Shaker Dean Faculty of Education 01/07/03 – 31/08/08
  3. Other

    (i)The Board approved the modified contracts of Dr. Jim Morrison, Kinesiology, Dr. Leith Davis, English, and Dr. Erle Nelson, Archaeology.

C. Employee Relations Committee

  1. The Board heard that the PolyParty union has agreed to continue negotiations with the assistance of a mediator, but negotiations have broken off with CUPE. The University has communicated to CUPE that it is eager to resume negotiations with the help of a mediator, and that although SFU is constrained by the mandate of 0/0/0, it is confident a settlement can be achieved.

The next Board of Governors Meeting will be held at 3 p.m. in Room 126 of the Halpern Centre, Burnaby Mountain Campus on May 29, 2003.

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