September 29, 2005 Meeting Summary

Open Session

1.         The Board Chair introduced and welcomed Ms. Jeanette McPhee, recently appointed Alumni Order-in-Council member of the Board.

2.         Dr. Mario Pinto, Vice-President, Research, gave a presentation on the Changing Face of Research at SFU.

A.        Finance and Administration

a.         Donations: The Board approved terms of reference and noted donations to new and existing funds, as follows:




June 2005 $2,000 $449,317
June 2005 Supplementary $775,895 ----------
July 2005 $805,785 $131,935
July 2005 Supplementary $22,457 ----------
August 2005 $839 $578,970

b.         The Board noted for information the 2004/2005 Occupational Health and Safety Report.

c.         The Board approved the 2004/2005 Statement of Financial Information.

d.         The Board noted for information SFU’s confirmation to the Ministry of Advanced Education of the University’s forecast budget amounts and assumptions for the period 2005/06 to 2008/09.

e.         The Board noted for information the Ministry of Advanced Education’s tuition limit policy effective September 2005.

f.          The Board noted for information the Financial Year-To Date Position as at July 31, 2005.

g.         The Board approved a revision to the terms of reference and responsibilities of the Finance and Administration Committee, adding the terms dealing with signing authorization decisions.

B.         Academic Operations

a.         The Board approved:

·              the establishment of the Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute as a Schedule B Centre under Policy R40.01.

·              the establishment of the CMA Centre for Strategic Change and Performance Measurement as a Schedule A Centre under Policy R40.01.

·              the terms of reference for the Dino De Poli Lectureship in Italian Studies

b.         The Board noted that Senate dealt with a number of other issues at its meeting of September 12, 2005.

c.         The Board noted for information the Strategic Research Plan 2005-2010.

d.         The Board noted for information the transition plan underway in Student Services.

C.         Other

a.         The Board received an update on a number of 40th Anniversary celebrations.

b.         The Board thanked Dr. Brandt Louie for his contributions to the University as Board Chair from 2002 to the end of August 2005.

c.         The Board heard a brief enrolment update from the Vice-President, Academic.

d.         The Board learned that a partnership agreement between SFU and the Kamloops Indian Band was signed on September 16, 2005.

e.         The Board heard a report on the Reaching New Heights Campaign.

f.         The Board heard that an official opening is being arranged for Athletic Field 4, recently redeveloped by the Whitecaps Football Club, and that plans are proceeding to develop 2 new grass fields on Field 5.

Closed Session

A.        Finance and Administration

a.         The Board noted for information a status report on SFU’s capital construction program and Bond issue.

b.         Other matters were discussed.

B.         Academic Operations

a.         Faculty Appointments

The following academic appointments were approved and have been accepted:

Dr. Louise Frappier, Assistant Professor, French, 1 Jan 06 – 31 Aug 09

Dr. Paul Dutton, Jack & Nancy Farley University Professorship in History,

     1 Sep 05 – 31 Aug 10

Dr. Jack Chen, Associate Professor, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, 1 Jul 06 – 31 Aug 11

b.         Other

            The Board approved one modified appointment in the Department of Humanities, one modified appointment in the School of Kinesiology, and two modified appointment extensions in the Department of Economics.

C.         Other

a.         Other matters were discussed.

Confidential Session

a.         The Board elected Ms. Pauline Rafferty as Deputy Chair of the Board for the period September 30, 2005 to January 31, 2006.

b.         The Board approved the President’s Agenda for 2005-2009, dated June 2005, which will be forwarded to Senate for information.

c.         The Board approved the Annual Performance Review recommendations for the Senior Executive Group.

d.         Other matters were discussed.

The next Board of Governors Meeting will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 24, 2005 in Room 126 of the Halpern Centre, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby.

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