September 25, 2007 Meeting Summary


A. Finance and Administration

  1. Fundraising Progress Reports: The Board noted year-to-date progress reports as follows:


    Fundraising Progress Report
    For Information
    2007/2008 Year to Date

    To June 30, 2007


    To July 31, 2007


    To August 31, 2007


  2. The Board approved the Terms of Reference for the Barbara Ferrier Graduate Endowment Fund.

  3. The Board approved the Terms of Reference for the Channel M Scholarship Endowment.

  4. The Board received the University's Statement of Financial Information for the year ended March 31, 2007.

  5. The Board noted for information the Financial Year-to-Date Position to August 31, 2007.


  6. The Board noted for information SFU's confirmation to the Ministry of Advanced Education of the University's first quarter budget forecast amounts and assumptions for the period 2007/08 to 2010/11.


  7. The Board approved an increase in visitor parking rates at the Burnaby campus, and an increase to permit rates for faculty, staff and students at the Burnaby campus, effective January 1, 2008.

  8. The Board approved revisions to Policy AD 1.04, Control of Keys and Access Cards, dated August 14, 2007, and accompanying new Procedures, dated August 13, 2007. 

B. Academic Operations

  1. The Board approved the following actions recommended by Senate:
  • the Certificate in Earth Sciences, in the Faculty of Science;
  • creation of the Centre for the Reduction of Violence Among Children and Youth as a Schedule A Centre within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; 
  • Terms of Reference for the Chair in Health Disparities in Cancer.
  1. The Board approved an amendment to Policy A 13.05, sub-section Search Committee for the Dean of Graduate Studies, to include one member of the support staff, elected by the support staff of the Dean of Graduate Studies Office, to serve on the that search committee.  The amendment was approved by Senate on September 17, 2007.


  2. The Board approved a new academic Policy A 12.13, Clinical Professors, dated September 2007.

 C. Other 

  • The Board approved the revision of Policy B 10.06, Presidential Search Policy, dated September 5, 2007 and noted that Senate approval will also be required.


  • The Board was informed that the current agreement between SFU and the Childcare Society, (a non-profit Society independent of the University), had expired and that when the current labour dispute had ended the agreement would be renegotiated.


  •  The Board heard an enrolment update from the Associate Vice-President, Students and International, and learned that first-year enrolment at the University is six percent above target.  The Board extended congratulations to N. Angerilli and all recruitment and admissions staff in his portfolio for their work to achieve this result.

  • The Board was informed that the term of Order-in-Council member, Saida Rasul, ends in February 2008 and the Board Chair welcomed receiving suggestions for potential candidates.

  • The Board learned that the Hon. Michael Kirby, former Canadian Senator, has been appointed Chairman of the Mental Health Commission of Canada and SFU's Professor Elliot Goldner, Health Sciences, will serve as Chair of its Science Advisory Committee.

  • The Board heard a brief statistical report on Canada Research Chairs at SFU.

  • The Board heard a report from the Vice-President, Research, on the following research-related matters:
  • the formation of 4 spin-off companies;
  • the selection of Dr. Dugan O'Neil, Physics, as recipient of the BC Innovation Council's 2007 Young Innovator Award;
  • the success of Dr. Michael Hayes, Associate Dean, Research, Health Sciences, on being awarded a platform grant of $500,000/year for 2 years from the Michael Smith Foundation;
  • the success of SFU and its collaborative partners at TRIUMF and in the Centre for Drug Research and Development in advancing to the next level of competition for federal funding through the Centres of Excellence in Commercialization and Research program.
  1. The Board learned that the University has received the first funding allocation for the School for the Contemporary Arts in the Woodward's redevelopment site in the form of a $10 million certificate.


A. Finance and Administration

  1. The Board received for information a report from the Public Affairs and Media Relations Office.


  2.  The Board was informed that a developer is planning to construct and operate a residential building designed for students at SFU Surrey.


  3. The Board endorsed the continued negotiation on an athletic facility for the Burnaby campus.


  4. Other matters were discussed.

B. Academic Operations

  1. Faculty Appointments

The following academic appointments were approved and have been accepted:

    1. Dr. Nick Dulvy, Associate Prof. and CRC Tier II, Biological Sciences, 1 Jan 07 - 31 Aug 12
    2. Dr. Jodi Viljoen, Assistant Prof., Psychology, 1 Jul 07 - 31 Aug 11 
    3. Dr. Thomas Claydon, Assistant Prof., Kinesiology, 1 Jan 08 - 31 Aug 11
    4. Dr. Victoria Claydon, Assistant Prof., Kinesiology, 1 Jan 08 - 31 Aug 11
    5. Mr. Stuart Poyntz, Instructor, Communication, 1 Sep 07 - 31 Aug 11
    6. Dr. Huamei Han, Assistant Prof., Education, 1 Sep 07 - 31 Aug 11
    7. Dr. Roumiana Ilieva, Assistant Prof., Education, 1 Sep 07 - 31 Aug 11
    8. Dr. Jennifer Cory, Associate Prof. with tenure, Biological Sciences, 1 Sep 08
    9. Dr. Paul Garfinkel, Assistant Prof., History, 1 Sep 07 - 31 Aug 11
    10. Dr. Gary Wang, Associate Prof. with tenure, Engineering Science, 7 Jan 08
    11. Dr. Siamak Arzanpour, Assistant Prof., Engineering Science, 7 Jan 08 - 31 Aug 11
  1. Administrative Appointments

The following administrative appointments were appproved and have been accepted:

  1.  Dr. Carolyne Smart, Dean (Pro Tem), extension, 1 Sep 07 - 31 Dec 07
  2. Dr. Mehrdad Saif, Director, Engineering Science, extension, 1 Sep 07 - 31 Aug 12
  1. Other

The Board approved:

    1. A modified appointment in History from 1 Sep 07 - 31 Aug 10
    2. A transfer from Humanities to the World Literature Program, effective 1 Sep 07 
    3. A transfer from Geography to the Explorations Program, effective 1 Sep 07
    4. A transfer from Women's Studies to the Explorations Program, effective 1 Sep 07
    5. A transfer from English to a joint appointment in the Explorations Program (home department) and the World Literature Program, effective 1 Sep 07
    6. An early retirement in the Master of Publishing Program, effective 31 Aug 07

C. Other

  1. The Board received the President's Activity Report for July and August 2007.

  2. The Board heard a brief update from the Board Chair on the most recent meeting of the Advancement Advisory Committee.

  3. The Board Chair thanked members for their input on the Board's Strategy Session.


  4. The Board heard from the Vice-President, Advancement, about a recent gift to the University.

  5. Board members were reminded that Convocation ceremonies will take place in Burnaby on October 4, and 5, 2007.

  6. Other matters were discussed.


  1. The Board approved the President's Agenda dated August 22, 2007, which will be forwarded to Senate for informaiton.


  2. The Board approved the Annual Performance Review recommendations for the Senior Executive Group.

The next Board of Governors Meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 22, 2007 in Room 126 of the Halpern Centre, SFU Burnaby.

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