March 30, 2017 Meeting Summary

Board Members present:  J. Kim, Board Chair; A. Petter, President; T. Carlson; M. Cordoba; J. Earthy; J. Francis; R. Gill; J. Hinchliffe; A. Kessler; C. Lewis;
P. Sahota; J. Stewart

Regrets:  A. Giardini, Chancellor; F. Robin


A.        Finance and Administration

a.         The Board approved the University’s 2017-2018 Budget and Financial Plan, including tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate programs, and
            Student Services and Recreation-Athletics fees.

B.         University Relations

a.         The Board approved the following actions recommended by Senate on February 6, 2017:

  • The dissolution of the Bachelor of Business Administration, Honours (with Term at the Segal Graduate School of Business) within the Beedie School of Business, effective fall 2017; and,
  • The dissolution of the Certificate in Actuarial Mathematics in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science in the Faculty of Science, effective fall 2017.

    The Board noted that Senate also approved the suspension of admission to both, effective fall 2017.

b.         The Board approved the following action recommended by Senate on March 6, 2017:

  • The 2017/2018 Enrollment Plan attached as Appendix A to the document titled For SENATE March 6, 2017, and 2017/2018 domestic and international undergraduate admission targets to each Faculty, by semester and basis of admission category as indicated in Tables C1 and C2 respectively of Appendix C (Senate Paper S.17-31).

c.         Fundraising Progress Reports: The Board noted year-to-date progress reports as follows:



Fundraising Progress Report
For Information
2016/2017 Year to Date

To December 31, 2016


To January 31, 2017


To February 28, 2017



c.         The Board approved the Terms of Reference for the:

  • Tim Rahilly SFU Campus Community Service Award;
  • Julie Andreyev – Animal Lover Scholarship in Animal Ethics;
  • OUTtv Scholarship in Digital Media;
  • Shaughn and Sharon Clements Biological Sciences Independent Study Award Endowment;
  • Zabeen Hirji Award in Human Resource Management and Diversity;
  • Zabeen Hirji Commitment to Diversity Award;
  • Crocker Family Endowment Scholarship in Psychology;
  • James Clark Undergraduate Award in Labour Studies Endowment;
  • Orient Star Media Graduate Scholarship in Global Communications;
  • Ryan Beedie Leadership Awards; and,
  • External Development Summit (XDS) Award in Gaming.

C.        Governance and Nominating

a.         The Board approved the appointment of Larry Guthrie as Trustee of the Pension Plan for Members of the Administrative/Union Staff as University  
             representative replacing Mark McLaughlin, effective March 23, 2017.

b.         The Board approved the new Policy on Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education and Support (Policy GP 44), effective immediately.

D.        Human Resources Committee

a.         The Board approved the 2017-18 Faculty Renewal Plan.

E.         Other

a.         The Board received copies of two letters from SFU350:

  • A March 9, 2017 letter making the Board aware  of  “Change SFU,” a recently formed group of students who want to see the University follow the Université Laval’s February 2017 commitment to fully divest their endowment portfolio from fossil fuels at a future date that Université Laval has yet to decide; and,
  • An undated letter addressed to the Responsible Investment Committee encouraging “SFU to continue showing leadership on sustainability by becoming the first university in Western Canada to fully divest from fossil fuels” as committed to by the Université Laval in February 2017.

b.         Board Chair J. Kim reported that she recently attended three SFU Public Square events associated with the 2017 Community Summit held from February
             27 to March 8, 2017.  She also informed the Board that on March 23, 2017 she heard the Honourable Anne McLellan, former federal Justice Minister and
             former chair of the Canadian Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, deliver a public lecture on the legalization process and task force

c.         Governor June Francis reported that she attended a March 29, 2017 event sponsored by the Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement at which
            Chancellor Anne Giardini spoke on the question “Why is diversity Canada’s strength?”

d.         Governor Jill Earthy informed the Board that she attended the March 14 and 15, 2017 BCTECH Summit in Vancouver at which SFU was well represented.

e.         President Peter commented on SFU Public Square’s Fifth Community Summit from February 27 to March 8, 2017.  The Summit, comprised of eight
             events and a series of op-eds in the Vancouver Sun, marked Canada’s 150th Anniversary by exploring Canada’s role in the world.  He highlighted:
            1) the launch event on the question “Who Needs Canada?’ featuring speakers Roland Paris, Sheila Watt-Cloutier, and Senator Yuen Pau Woo; 2) a
            celebration of Cultural Diplomacy featuring the Vancouver debut of Chinese entertainer and cultural celebrity Dashan; 3) The Anger of Nations with
            leading pollster Nik Nanos; 4) The Middle East and the Refugee Crisis with Robert Fisk, award winning Middle East correspondent for The Independent;
            and 5) Researching the Globe, offering compelling examples of SFU’s globally focused investigations and Innovations hosted by the Vice-President,
            Research and International.

f.          President Petter reported on a number of other recent community engagement events.  SFU’s Centre for Dialogue, in partnership with the Simons
             Foundation, hosted a community dialogue in conjunction with a major international conference in March on the United Nations’ “Responsibility to
             Protect” doctrine.  Speakers included former Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Gareth Evans, former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd
             Axworthy, and former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations Allan Rock.  Other prominent speakers recently hosted by SFU included former
             federal Justice Minister Anne McLellan (on cannabis legalization), journalist Gwynne Dyer (on climate change), and philosopher Martha Nussbaum (on
             uses and abuses of anger).  In the President’s Faculty Lecture Series, Professor Paul Kingsbury, Department of Geography, delivered a lecture on
             March 15 at SFU Surrey on Investigating Paranormal Investigators.

g.         The President informed the Board that Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains toured SFU VentureLabs® and
            participated in a roundtable discussion concerning SFU’s innovation strategy.  He also reported that on March 27 Finance Minister Bill Morneau visited
            SFU Surrey where he met with faculty and students in the Mechatronics program and interacted with innovators and entrepreneurs in the new home of
            Innovation Boulevard.

h.         President Petter reported that SFU was well represented at the Vancouver BCTECH Summit on March 14 and 15.  Twelve researchers showcased their
             technologies, and Physics Professor Stephanie Simmons participated in a keynote panel on quantum computing.  He noted Premier Clark’s recent
             announcement of funding for post-secondary education institutions to create spaces for 1,000 new tech graduates by 2022.

i.          The President reported that SFU has also been involved in discussions with government, industry and other post-secondary institutions on the
            development of a BC-based proposal in response to Ottawa’s $950 million innovation clusters and networks initiative.

j.          With respect to other innovation developments, the President informed the Board that: 1)  Venture Connection®, SFU’s university-wide student
            incubator and entrepreneurship program, received a $1 million funding commitment from Coast Capital Savings to support its operations over the next
            five years; 2) approximately 200 SFU faculty, staff and students attended the February launch of KEY, SFU’s Big Data Initiative, held in SFU’s Big Data
            Hub on the top floor of the Applied Sciences Building; and 3) SFU’s new Compute Canada Advanced Research Data Centre will be launched on April 20,
            2017. The state-of-the-art facility, located in the water tower building, will be the largest of its kind in Canada, and will highlight SFU’s leadership in
             advanced research computing.  Last, SFU passed Phase 1 of the Ashoka Changemaker designation process and hosted a site visit from Ashoka
             representatives.  Ashoka is a globally recognized social innovation organization. The designation, currently held by only 38 institutions, will cement
             SFU’s reputation as a world leader in social innovation and social entrepreneurship, and provide access to a global network.

k.         In other University developments, President Petter reported that with respect to the U.S. Travel Ban announced by President Donald Trump in late
             January, he issued a statement responding to the ban by urging the community to provide support to individuals affected by it, and reaffirming SFU’s
             commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion.  This was followed by “We Are All SFU” events at SFU’s three campuses to show support for students
             who felt vulnerable or threatened in the wake of the ban.

l.          A. Petter commented on two other recent events of note.  An Aboriginal Welcome Figure, created by Squamish artist Sinámkin Jody Broomfield to
            embrace all who come to SFU Burnaby, was installed near the main entrance to the Burnaby campus on March 9.  A Student Volunteers Appreciation
            Gala, celebrating 380 students and 80 staff from 57 volunteer programs, took place on February 24.

m.        The President reported that SFU’s Aboriginal Reconciliation Council, jointly chaired by Governor Chris Lewis and Dean of Education Kris Magnusson,
             expects to release its final recommendations in the coming weeks.

n.         President Petter informed the Board that an invitation has been extended to the University community to provide feedback on how SFU is fulfilling its
             vision to be Canada’s “engaged university.”  The website titled Engaging the Vision:  What’s Next? has been launched and will provide opportunities for
             individuals to share their ideas online or in person at campus forums scheduled on March 31 in Burnaby, April 4 in Surrey, and April 12 in Vancouver.

o.         A. Petter commented on the $10 million contribution by undergraduate students through the Simon Fraser Student Society expected in installments
            from spring 2019 through fall 2030. The contribution will help with the development of new, much needed stadium facilities at the Burnaby Campus. 
            He commended all parties involved in the negotiation process, noting that the Stadium will play an integral role in enhancing the student experience.

p.         Joy Johnson, Vice-President, Research and International provided the Board with a report on recent research achievements and an update regarding
            ongoing strategic initiatives and activities.  She briefly commented on: 1) highlights of the 2017 Federal Budget from a research perspective;
            2) KEY, SFU’s Big Data Initiative, that was officially launched on February 2, 2017 and was also on display and promoted at the SFU Innovates booth
            at the 2017 BCTECH Summit on March 14 and 15;  3) an update on SFU’s efforts to achieve an Ashoka Changemaker Campus designation; 4) a status
            report on various promotional videos in development for SFU Innovates; and, 5) 24 startup companies that are existing or past clients of VentureLabs®
            and Venture Connection® have been recognized and named on the Ready to Rocket and Emerging Rockets List, which recognize high growth potential
            and innovative BC technology companies in information communication technology, clean technology and digital health technology.

q.         The Board received a written report from Martin Pochurko, Vice-President, Finance and Administration, summarizing the major activities and initiatives
             in the departments within his portfolio as of March 2017.

r.          The Board reviewed a written report from Peter Keller, Vice-President, Academic and Provost on a number of activities and developments in the areas
             within his portfolio. He briefly commented on: 1) the recent hiring of Dr. Brad Johnson, Director of the Teaching and Learning Centre; 2) the searches
             that are underway for the next Vice-Provost and Associate VP, Academic, and a new Dean of Health Sciences; and, 3) the successfully completed internal
             review of the Beedie School of Business that received a very positive ratification vote from the School’s faculty and staff.  The Board received for
             information copies of two reports:  1) SFU’s Quality Assurance Process Audit, a self-study dated January 13, 2017 that was completed for a site visit by
             the Ministry of Advanced Education on March 13 and 14, 2017; and, 2) SFU’s Year One Mission and Core Themes Self Evaluation Report as required by
             the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.


A.        Finance and Administration

a.         The Board approved the sixth phase renewal for the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) project,
             subject to final Ministerial approval of the Contribution Agreement between Environment and Climate Change Canada and SFU, and approval of the
             same by SFU’s Senate Committee on International Activities.

b.         The Board approved the Agreement with Manulife Financial for the continuation of the provision of Long Term Disability and Group Life Insurance
             Benefits management services at SFU for a four year term commencing April 1, 2017, with two possible renewals of three years each, for a total
             potential term of ten years.

c.         The Board approved the Contribution Agreement with the Simon Fraser Student Society to develop stadium facilities on the Burnaby campus.

d.         The Board received for information an update on the Phase 1 business model and implementation strategy for the Residence & Housing Master Plan at
            SFU Burnaby.

e.         The Board authorized SFU Management to approve increasing the construction contract with Bird Construction for the Sustainable Energy and
            Environmental Engineering building project at SFU Surrey.  The increase is within the total value of the project proposal.

B.         University Relations

a.         The Board received fundraising progress reports for the months ending December 2016, January 2017 and February 2017.

b.         The Board reviewed the report of Mike den Haan, Vice-President, Advancement and Alumni Engagement on the recent activities, developments and
             achievements in each of the areas within his portfolio.

c.         The Board reviewed the report from Joanne Curry, Vice-President, External Relations on Government Relations priorities and recent statistics in
            Communications & Marketing.

C.        Human Resources

a.         Faculty Appointments

The following academic appointments were approved and have been accepted:

  • Dr. Evdoxios Doxiadis, Assistant Professor, Hellenic Studies Program, 1 Sep 16 – 31 Aug 20
  • Dr. Kora DeBeck, Assistant Professor, Public Policy, 1 Sep 17 – 31Aug 21

b.         Other

            The Board approved:

  • A 60% Modified Appointment in the School of Public Policy, 1 Sep 16 – 31 Aug 19

D.        Other

a.         The Board received the President’s Activities Report for January and February 2017.

b.         The Board engaged in a discussion about the Joint Senate-Board of Governors Retreat on March 11, 2017, and members agreed that the session was
             both informative and productive.

c.         Other matters were discussed.


a.         The Board approved the appointment of Dr. Dugan O’Neil as Associate Vice-President, Research for a five year term beginning on September 1, 2017.

b.         The Board discussed and signed the Government’s 2017-18 Mandate Letter for Public Post‑Secondary Institutions.  The Letter was subsequently s
            submitted to the Ministry of Advanced Education and posted as a PDF on the Board’s web site at:


The next Board of Governors meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 25, 2017 in the Halpern Centre, Room 126, SFU Burnaby.