Assistant Professor
Postdoctoral Fellowship (San Francisco Coordinating Center)
Ph.D. Epidemiology (University of California, Berkeley)
M.Sc. Kinesiology (Simon Fraser University)

B.Sc. Honours Kinesiology (Simon Fraser University)

(778) 782-9330

(778) 782-3040


Aging and Population Health Lab
Centre for Hip Health and Mobility

Research Interests:

Research in the Aging and Population Health Lab investigates the prevention, etiology, and management of age-related mobility impairment and disability. This includes the study of acute events such as falls and osteoporotic fractures as well as chronic processes such as fatigue and impaired gait energetics. Research in the lab incorporates techniques from epidemiology, biostatistics, energetics, and clinical research. Ultimately, our research seeks to identify and disseminate effective strategies for successful population aging through maintenance of mobility and functional autonomy.

Primary research interests of the lab include:

  • Role of energy utilization and fatigue in the development of mobility limitation
  • Interventions to reduce disability and injury and improve mobility
  • Prevention and treatment of osteoporotic fractures, falls, and fall-related injuries
  • Physical activity adherence and promotion
  • Novel methods to objectively measure activity patterns in epidemiologic studies
  • Development and testing of clinical assessment tools
  • Longitudinal cohort studies, clinical trial design, causal inference
  • Knowledge synthesis, systematic review, and meta-analysis

Selected Publications

  • Osteoporotic Fractures

    • Mackey DC, Lui LY, Cawthon PM, Bauer DC, Nevitt MC, Cauley JA, Hillier TA, Lewis CE, Barrett-Connor E, Cummings SR; Study of Osteoporotic Fractures (SOF) and Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study (MrOS) Research Groups. High-trauma fractures and low bone mineral density in older women and men. JAMA. 2007 Nov 28;298(20):2381-8.
    • Mackey DC, Eby JG, Harris F, Taaffe DR, Cauley JA, Tylavsky FA, Harris TB, Lang TF, Cummings SR; Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study Group. Prediction of clinical non-spine fractures in older black and white men and women with volumetric BMD of the spine and areal BMD of the hip: the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study. J Bone Miner Res. 2007 Dec;22(12):1862-8.
    • Cawthon PM, Fullman RL, Marshall L, Mackey DC, Fink HA, Cauley JA, Cummings SR, Orwoll ES, Ensrud KE; Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Research Group. Physical performance and risk of hip fractures in older men. J Bone Miner Res. 2008 Jul;23(7):1037-44.
    • Mackey DC. Determining which fractures are osteoporotic: Empirical associations would provide better evidence than expert opinion. J Clin Epidemiol. 2011 Jan;64(1):45.v
    • Mackey DC, Hubbard AE, Cawthon PM, Cauley JA, Cummings SR, Tager IB; Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Research Group. Usual physical activity and hip fracture in older men: an application of semiparametric methods to observational data. Am J Epidemiol. 2011 Mar 1;173(5):578-86. Epub 2011 Feb 8.
    • Mackey DC, Black DM, Bauer DC, McCloskey EV, Eastell R, Mesenbrink P, Thompson JR, Cummings SR. Effects of antiresorptive treatment on non-vertebral fracture outcomes. J Bone Miner Res. 2011 Jun 27. doi: 10.1002/jbmr.446. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Energetics

    • Manini TM, Everhart JE, Patel KV, Schoeller DA, Cummings S, Mackey DC, Bauer DC, Simonsick EM, Colbert LH, Visser M, Tylavsky F, Newman AB, Harris TB; Health, Aging and Body Composition Study. Activity energy expenditure and mobility limitation in older adults: differential associations by sex. Am J Epidemiol. 2009 Jun 15;169(12):1507-16.
    • Manini TM, Everhart JE, Anton SD, Schoeller DA, Cummings SR, Mackey DC, Delmonico MJ, Bauer DC, Simonsick EM, Colbert LH, Visser M, Tylavsky F, Newman AB, Harris TB. Activity energy expenditure and change in body composition in late life. Am J Clin Nutr. 2009 Nov;90(5):1336-42.
    • Manini TM, Patel KV, Bauer DC, Ziv E, Schoeller DA, Mackey DC, Li R, Newman AB, Nalls M, Zmuda JM, Harris TB; Health, Aging and Body Composition Study. European ancestry and resting metabolic rate in older African Americans. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2011 Jun;65(6):663-7.
    • Mackey DC, Manini TM, Schoeller DA, Koster A, Glynn NW, Goodpaster BH, Satterfield S, Newman AB, Harris TB, Cummings SR; for the Health, Aging, and Composition Study. Validation of an Armband to Measure Daily Energy Expenditure in Older Adults. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2011 Jul 6. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Biomechanics and Human Motor Control

    • Mackey DC, Meichenbaum DP, Shemmell J, Riek S, Carson RG. Neural compensation for compliant loads during rhythmic movement. Exp Brain Res. 2002 Feb;142(3):409-17.
    • Mackey DC, Robinovitch SN. Postural steadiness during quiet stance does not associate with ability to recover balance in older women. Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon). 2005 Oct;20(8):776-83.
    • Mackey DC, Robinovitch SN. Mechanisms underlying age-related differences in ability to recover balance with the ankle strategy. Gait Posture. 2006 Jan;23(1):59-68.
    • Murnaghan CD, Elston B, Mackey DC, Robinovitch SN. Modeling of postural stability borders during heel-toe rocking. Gait Posture. 2009 Aug;30(2):161-7.

    For a full list of publications, please see PubMed


KIN 304W – Inquiry and Measurement in Kinesiology (Writing Intensive)

Training Opportunities

I am currently recruiting trainees who are interested in pursuing graduate research, undergraduate research, or co-operative education work terms in the lab. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me by phone (778) 782-9330 or email

It is highly recommended that potential graduate students apply for external sources of funding for their research (e.g., MSFHR, CIHR, NSERC) as well as departmental Graduate Fellowships. Outstanding SFU undergraduates are encouraged to apply for an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award. Please contact me well in advance of these funding deadlines to discuss your interests and background and to allow adequate time to develop a funding proposal.

Additional information concerning graduate studies can be found on the SFU Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Graduate Studies web page.


Member, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility