On-line Cash Advance Request

IMPORTANT - What you need to know BEFORE requesting a Cash Advance:

  • You must be on the Payroll system.  (If you can't access the system, but you are on payroll, please contact Payment Services at 778-782-7087 or TEX_Help@sfu.ca.)
  • Travel Completion Date (you must submit a travel claim to clear your advance within 30 days of this date)
  • WHERE the money will be coming from:  Project ID
  • The money will be direct-deposited to the same account as your paycheque.  Unfortunately, you cannot request a deposit to a different account.

See Quick Reference Guide to create a Cash Advance Report

For more info, visit http://www.sfu.ca/finance/linklists.html under Payment Services

Log onto fins.sfu.ca