TEX On-Line Expense Report

(to receive a reimbursement)

IMPORTANT! - Before you start:

  • You MUST be on the Payroll System to use the On-Line Expense Report.  If you are not on payroll, please use the Travel and Expense Claim Form for Non-Employees.  (See the link on the Forms page.)  If you can't access the system, but you are on payroll, please contact Payment Services at 778-782-7087 or TEX_Help@sfu.ca.
  • Know where the expenses will be charged.  Ask your supervisor for a 7-digit Project number.  Faculty members can find their account numbers on FAST.
  • Have all your receipts in front of you. See Expenses Receipt and Imaging Guidelines. Please combine all your documents in one single PDF.

Accessing the Travel and Expense Centre

  1. Log onto fins.sfu.ca (or go to my.sfu.ca and click on the Travel and Expenses link).

NOTE:  Don't forget to "Sign out" (top right hand on grey link bar) after every session. Those using a public computer should remember to quit the browser.




Q. I took out a Cash Advance last semester when I was on payroll.  Now I need to file a claim to clear it, but am no longer on payroll and can't access the Expense Report.

A. Call the Payment Services help line @ 778.782.7087 or e-mail TEX_Help@sfu.ca and ask them to re-activate you.



Come and see either the Financial Assistant or check out the following resources: