Trivia Night Recap written by Crystal Lefebvre

On March 17th, the BPKSA decided to host a new social event. Undergrads and grads gathered together at the Highland Pub to challenge each other in their knowledge of kinesiology and two surprise categories, which were “The Outdoors” and “Australia”.

Once everyone started off with some drinks and free appetizers – a variety of wings and some nachos, we began the trivia. There happened to be a tie for the kinesiology category, but we decided to settle that with a best out of three rock paper scissors. Moving onto the outdoors trivia, a team of grad students, who seem to be a fan of Ben Affleck, were able to get all the questions correct.

In between the trivia rounds, a representative from each team came up to the front to face each other in a mini competition.  One of the funniest parts of the night was the competition for who had the best Australian accent.

The BPKSA would like to thank Kati on behalf of Oztrekk for sponsoring the event and everyone for coming out!