I'm interested in one of your BPK programs. How do I apply and can I get transfer credit for work done at another post-secondary institution?

Regardless of which program you are interested in, all students must apply for and meet general University admission requirements before they can be approved in to a particular program. If you have admissions related questions, when you're on our Burnaby campus, drop in to see the new Student Central. To meet with an Admissions Advisor or to ask general admissions or program questions please call at 778.782.6930 or

If you have attended a local community college and you want to see how your courses will transfer, visit the BC Transfer Guide's website at A transfer guide does not exist for post-secondary institutions outside of B.C. Transfer students from outside B.C. may be required to submit detailed course information for evaluation of transfer credits.

What are the admission requirements for grade 12 students?

Direct admission to the Biomedical Physiology or Kinesiology major programs from high school is based on a calculated grade point average.

High school requirements for direct admission are found under British Columbia and Yukon Secondary School Requirements. Please see SFU Student Services: Admissions for more information about how to apply to SFU.

I am a grade 12 student, but I only have one of the Science courses. Does that mean I can't get approved into BPK?

SFU offers the grade 12 equivalent of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Please refer to the appropriate department for details. You may take the grade 12 equivalent and apply that in the elective portion of the overall major program. You will not be offered direct admission if you do not have the right selection of courses. However, you may still apply to SFU and complete the Internal Transfer program.

I am currently an SFU student but in a different program. How do I switch to BPK?

Please refer to the Internal Transfer section of this website; you may also download the Program Approval form for details. The approval GPA fluctuates from semester to semester, depending on the number of seats available and the number of applications. In recent semesters, the approval gpa has been 2.7 on Set 1 and Set 2 courses. The admission GPA for Set 1 alone is higher. If you have started on Set 2 you will need to complete a minimum of 4 courses in Set 2 in order to be admitted with the GPA for Set 1 and Set 2.

I am applying from a BC College. What are the requirements for me?

All students must apply for general admission to the University first. Complete information about Simon Fraser University is available on the Registrar's/Admissions Office website at: From this site, you can access the complete university calendar, on-line admissions application, scholarship and financial assistance information and the current timetable and exam schedules.

To ensure fairness in our admissions procedures, Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology has made changes to the college/post-secondary transfer pathway. Students transfering to SFU for any of our majors in Kinesiology or Biomedical Physiology or Behavioural Neuroscience will first transfer to SFU Science or Arts as an 'intended major' and then apply for approval (ie. internal transfer) to these programs once they are in progress at SFU. The change was effective January, 2010.