Course Enrolment

Can I register in a course if I am just finishing up the prerequisite course/s now and don't have my final grade/s yet?

If a prerequisite course is in progress, the system will allow a student to enroll in a course that requires that prerequisite for the upcoming term. However, if the student does not achieve the required minimum grade, in most cases this is a C-, the student will be dropped from course/s that require it.  

Can I register in a course if I do not have the prerequisites? I do not have the prerequisites for BPK XXX but I'm sure that I can handle the course.

BPK has a strict policy regarding prerequisite waivers. It is important for students to take courses in the correct sequence so that faculty can build on previous knowledge rather than starting from first principles. Students should plan in advance so that they have the required prerequisites for the courses they wish to take. Students will not be granted permission to take a prerequisite for a particular course concurrently with the course. 

I do not have the listed prerequisite for a particular course but I have taken something equivalent at another institution. Can I register for the course?

You will need to request a prerequisite waiver from the BPK Undergraduate Advisor. To do so you will need to provide the following documents:

  • a transcript from the other institution showing your grade in the course;
  • a detailed course outline showing the weekly topics covered.

This request must be submitted in advance of your enrolment date to allow time to get the necessary waiver processed and entered ahead of registration. Please note that a prerequisite waiver can be denied if we determine that the student has not covered equivalent knowledge in a prior course. 

I really want in to BPK XXX and I know someone who is going to drop it. Can I just attend classes and then get their space later?

A student cannot "give" a space to another. When a student drops a course, that space will go to the next eligible person on the waitlist. The system does not do this immediately, but does run a couple times per day.

I checked the available space in a particular course on GoSFU and it said that there was space available; but I was unable to add the course. Why couldn't I get in to the course?

Some courses have registration restrictions placed on them. This means that a number of spaces in the course are reserved for specified student groups. For more detailed information, please go to the FAQ section on seat restrictions in BPK

If a course is full, how can I get in?

GoSFU keeps wait lists for all BPK courses until the end of the first week of classes each semester. During this time, all adds and drops are handled by GoSFU. Spaces open up as a result of students doing course changes and dropping courses; either because their co-op job is finally realized or they failed the prerequisite. After the end of the first week of class, GoSFU no longer permits students to add classes. 

To summarize how waitlists work in the first two weeks of the term, for the BPK department:

Week 1 of class: Waitlists are still in effect. If a space opens up in your class, the spot will go to the next eligible student on the waitlist. 

Week 2 of class: Waitlists are frozen, and there are no more adds for online courses. Some professors will keep their own waitlists at this point (based on who has been attending the class, etc.) and some will not. If you are on the waitlist and see a space open up in the class, email  and include your full name, student number, course name/number, preferred tutorial/lab and attached advising transcript. I will be reviewing these requests by email only (not in-person), and will prioritize based on when the email (with all the complete information) was received, and if the professor was keeping a list of students. If you send a request, I will email you to let you know whether or not you were added to the class. Remember, it's not helpful to send follow up emails to see if I received your request. 

We do our best to be fair to everyone. However, if there isn't space in the class, then a student cannot be added. 

How do I increase my chances of getting into a class?

If you have to waitlist yourself, remember that you must have a space in a tutorial/lab in order to get into the class. Therefore, it generally tends to be a better idea to focus on getting a good waitlist spot in a lab/tutorial, rather than look at your waitlist position in the lecture. Some tutorial/lab times are less popular, for a number of reasons. Ultimately, if a space opens in the class, the system will look at where there is space in the lab or tutorial (if there is one) and add the next student from that waitlist.

I want to change the class/tutorial/lab I am enrolled in/waitlisted for, as it conflicts with another class/personal schedule. Can you please switch me to a new tutorial?

From the start of enrolment to the end of the first week of classes, students have full access to make changes to their enrolment in SIS. If you are trying to fix a class conflict, or if your work (or other personal) schedule has changed, then it is your responsibility to make the necessary changes to your classes. If you are officially enrolled in a course, i.e. not on the waitlist, you can use the swap function to make a change.  If you are waitlisted for a course and you want to switch to a different tutorial/lab, you must drop the class entirely, and re-add with the new tutorial/lab. This will result in you being lower on the waitlist for the lecture, but if it improves your position on the waitlist for a particular tutorial/lab it improves your chances of getting into the course. When a space opens up in the tutorial/lab that you are waitlisted first for, you will roll into that tutorial/lab and you will be automatically enrolled in the accompanying lecture for the course.  

It is a student's responsibility to understand how the enrolment system works and to make decisions and changes accordingly.  If you accidently drop a course, the advisor or staff in the department will likely not be able to get you back into the course as the next person on the waitlist may have rolled into your vacated seat.

Please also see the FAQ above re. If a course is full ... re.waitlists in Week 2