Approval into BPK

When can I declare my Major?

There are 3 Major programs under the BPK umbrella: Kinesiology, Biomedical Physiology and Behavioural Neuroscience.

If you were admitted directly to BPK from high school, you do not need to declare your major. For students completing an internal transfer into the program, applications are due by June 1 for Fall term, October 1 for Spring term and February 1 for Summer term. These applications are processed 3 times per year. Applications turned in between deadlines will be held until the next processing period. Applications will be reviewed and processed. Students who are approved will be able to see their new program status on their advising transcripts towards the end of the month in which they applied, i.e. end of June for Fall term. Those students not meeting the approval criteria will be sent an email regarding the status of their application and counselled regarding available options prior to registration for the subsequent semester.

What are the benefits of being an approved major?

Once approved, you will have priority access for first and second year BPK courses.  Only approved students have access to upper-level BPK courses via GoSFU. Also, the semester of approval dictates your graduation requirements, because you are governed by the calendar for the year when you are approved. If the Department subsequently makes changes to requirements, you will be exempt from these; unless you choose to follow the new Calendar requirements. (You can follow a new Calendar's requirements but not a Calendar from before your approval semester.) Make sure you know which calendar requirements you will need to satisfy.