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The Bill Reid Centre has been home to many students from all areas of study that are interested in learning more about Pacific Northwest Coast material culture. It is a great way to get involved in promoting public understanding and respect for the First Nations of the Northwest Coast past and present, while developing vital research, archival, communications and digitizing skills. 

Lyla Asmat was a summer student funded by the Young Canada Works program.

Her position was also made possible through the support of Charles and Gail Pancerzewski. She’s in her third year, pursuing a joint major in Anthropology and Archaeology, and a major in Environmental Resource Management. She is passionate about cultural history and the remains it leaves behind in the archeological record and came to the Bill Reid Centre to expand her knowledge of Northwest Coast art and Indigenous culture.

Lyla worked with us on digitizing photographic slides of Northwest Coast material culture.

Amy Pocha is a work-study student that started with the Bill Reid Centre in early 2017.

She is of Cree and Red River Metis descent from Saskatchewan, pursuing a major in Resource and Environmental Management as well as a minor in First Nations Studies. She is interested in traditional ecological knowledge and wildlife management, particularly, the use of plants across various Indigenous communities and hopes to develop her skills throughout the REM program to assist in the conservation and restoration of our natural landscapes. 

Currently, Amy provides research for our mobile app development and maintains our website/social media content.

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Work-Study program

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Young Canada Works

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If you are interested in volunteering with The Bill Reid Centre, please contact the centre for more information: 

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