Gwa'yi Historic Gallery

This is the image gallery for historic images of Gwa'yi. The information provided is a combination of research done by the Bill Reid Centre and information supplied by the community.

Photo taken prior to 1937 by a school teacher at the King George VI Pole dedication.
Densiq board shaped housefront from Gwa'yi
This monument appears to be of a killer whale with a hok hok bird on its back, ca. 1949
Killer whale with a hok hok bird on its back. Photo: Wilson Duff, ca. 1949
A Very old house post from Gwa'yi. It was carved around the turn of the 19th century
Sisiyutł and two coppers on the tunic. The mask is a dzonoqua mask.
Photo by Newcombe from 1917. Houses just 3 feet off ground shows floods were smaller back then.
A wooden bowl in shape of a Sisiyutł
Dzonoqua feast dish used in the big house
Closed Transformation Mask
Open Transformation Mask
Mask and Talking Stick
Mask and Talking Stick
Headdress - eagle (kwikw) with whale (max̱'inux̱) on top