Members of the Centre for Cell biology, Development, and Disease (C2D2) have access to essential, core research facilities which facilitate the analysis of cells. These include cell culture and high-content screening, animal care, imaging (confocal, TEM, SEM), proteomics, deep-sequencing and bioinformatics, and genomics.

Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology

The Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology at Simon Fraser University is a cutting-edge facility unique in western Canada providing researchers access to a fully automated liquid handling robotics suite capable of a broad range of small molecule screening techniques including the latest image-based screening methods.

Cell culture and FACS facilities

Facilities for the culturing, manipulation and analysis of mammalian cell cultures is available in several departments. Bookings for the FACS Aria equipment can be done on this website.

Animal Care Services

The Animal Care Services facility is available for researchers at SFU. Please see the website for contact information, guidelines and policies.

Imaging facilities

Our imaging facility includes two complementary confocal microscope systems that can be used for the visualisation of fixed or live samples, and post-imaging analysis.

  • WaveFX spinning disc confocal system (Quorum Technologies) equipped with a Zeiss Axio Observer inverted microscope
  • A1R laser scanning confocal system (Nikon)

Contact and Facility information: Tim Heslip | website

Proteomics facilities

For analysis of low-abundance (including cell-surface) proteins and post-translational modifications, the proteomics facility consists of a nanoUHPLC coupled with the latest Fourier transform Q-E HF orbitrap mass spectrometry from Thermo Fisher Scientific; it can perform both discovery and targeted proteomic analyses at attomole to femomole sensitivity with sub ppm accuracy and extremely high reproducibility. The facility is specialised to develop sensitive proteomics strategies and annotate and analyze pathways and protein interaction networks derived from large-scale high-throughput analyses.

Contact information: Bingyun Sun lab

Sequencing and related facilities

Illumina Miseq and real-time PCR equipment is available for deep-sequencing, transcriptome analyses, etc. To book, please visit the following website.

Contact and Facility information: Tim Heslip | website