Youth Programs

Climbing | Youth

This program is designed for children and youth who are novice climbers, with a focus on fundamental safety skills, movement technique, games and lots of climbing!  Please note that participants will not be taught how to belay during this time, but instead will spend more time on the wall, learning basic movement and technique.

All necessary equipment provided. 


Judo | Youth (5-17 Years)

Judo | Youth  (5-13yrs)

Junior Judo is a recreational practice designed to help build fundamental motor skill. The focus is to allow children to participate in judo-based games, exercises, and activities, and to have fun while playing and learning judo. Kids are grouped based on their age ranges, so they all have an equal opportunity to develop core skills.


Judo | Teen (14-17yrs)

Teen judo classes are divided into recreational and advance cohorts. The recreational side is aimed towards teens and adults who wish to learn judo. As the advance program is catered for participants who have already earned their green belt and are in search for a more invigorating practice.


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