Educational Camps

3D Printing Camps (10 - 16 years)

Learn more before taking an advanced class on 3D printing and gain hands-on experience! No prior knowledge of 3D printing is required. Campers gain a basic understanding of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and an overview of its applications. You'll get to take home your very own 3D printed object!

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Bikes & Bytes Camps (9 - 11 years)

The best of both worlds! These biking & coding camps offers a fun, safe, educational and exciting introduction to computer coding and multi-discipline biking. Learn how to create your own website, program a robot, and edit a movie you filmed during your iRide bike sessions!

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Bronze Lifesaving Camp Combination (13+ years)

This camp is designed to further lifesaving skills. The camp combines two advanced lifesaving awards: Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross with a CPR ā€˜Cā€™ award. You will perform challenging water rescues, learn First Aid and CPR, and develop aquatic endurance. A Bronze Cross can earn you two credits for grade 11.

There will be no refund if you have not met all the required course prerequistes.

Prerequisite: Ability to swim 600 meters; 13+ years of age unless you have a Bronze Star.

Note: An extra fee is charged for the Canadian Lifesaving Manual ($35).

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National Lifeguard Pool (16+ years)

NL is a nationally recognized certification that qualifies you to lifeguard across Canada. This camp is designed to instill judgment, leadership, knowledge, and fitness, while stressing a preventative approach to pool safety. The course will help you to develop critical thinking in emergency situations.  NL can earn you two credits for grade 12. 

Prerequisite: Standard First Aid or Aquatic Emergency Care and Bronze Cross (please bring certifications to the course); 16+ years of age before the last day of the course.

Note: An extra fee is charged for the Alert Manual ($36).

There will be no refund if you have not met all of the required course prerequisites.

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This 16 hour course will provide training in life threatening priorities such as breathing, bleeding, shock, poisons, as well as secondary injuries such as those to head, spine, bones, joints and injuries due to heat and cold. CPR ā€˜Cā€™/AED is included in the course.

This course is a prerequiste for the National Lifeguard course.

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Computer Camps (7 - 14 years)

Using the latest in computer software, you will learn new skills and enhance current ones in the areas of graphics, photo manipulation, website design, animation and gaming. You learn at your own pace, moving forward as you feel confident. You will have your own computer station with four hours of computer instruction each day. Various small and large projects will take place over the course of two weeks.

There will also be approximately two hours of recreation time each day. Activities range from co-operative games, sports and art projects, to swimming and special events.

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Director's Cut Camps (6 - 13 years)

Hold onto your popcorn and your 3D glasses because this summer's biggest blockbuster is coming to SFU and we don't want you to miss it! Spend a week in the studio with film makers and media specialists who will work with you on the latest digital equipment to unleash your imagination and creativity. At the end of the week, film makers will be able to enjoy their film premiere at a red carpet film festival!


Unleash your inner Spielberg this summer! Film making crews work together with a REAL film makers to create a stop-motion animation film that is sure to rival the works of Hollywood's most talented. Film makers will develop stories, build mini sets, and create clay characters. In production, they will use stop motion technology to capture their movie, then add sound effects, titles, voices, and music. Participants will also learn how to market their films.

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Get your Lego on with us! Join other young film makers in the director's chair and get ready to imagine, create, and define a stop motion animation that brings your lego to life.  Small crews will storyboard, build a script, design mini sets, and then capture their film through the art of stop motion animation. In post-production sound effects, music, voice overs, and titles will be added. 

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ESL Camps (6 - 17 years)

Discover SFU and Vancouver in English! These camps are an introduction for ESL/EAL students to an English-speaking environment. Campers will be encouraged to practice English while engaging in language-oriented activities in the classroom, during recreation time, and on field trips around Vancouver!

Each week, you will have three days of lessons and spend the remaining time experiencing the beautiful Vancouver area by traveling to a variety of locations.

The goal of these camps is to provide a level of language acquisition not present in a typical classroom setting. You will be grouped by age and will partake in activities suitable for your age and skill level. The groups will combine during field trips. We offer a progressive learning environment where the camp content will differ each week - perfect for a camper who wants to participate in ESL camps for multiple weeks.

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French Camps (6 - 13 years)

In partnership with the SFU Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs, our French Camps are designed for French Immersion students and native French speakers. We offer engaging classroom activities, exciting recreational activities, and one thrilling field trip, all in French! 

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Introduction to French

This camp is an introduction to the French language. Campers who are going into late French-Immersion or would like to learn the language are encouraged to join. Practice French while engaging in language-oriented activities in the classroom and during recreation time!

Note: Intro to French Camp is for beginners and students enrolling in late immersion. 

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Leadership Training Camps (12 - 17 years)

The five progressive levels of leadership training are designed for teens wanting to develop their leadership skills in a youth camp setting. Instruction from our professional educators focuses on leadership knowledge and skill acquisition utilizing theoretical and practical approaches.

These courses review the necessary skills desired for volunteer, instructor, and head instructor positions. Completion is highly recommended before applying for volunteer and employment positions at SFU Camps.

Level I - Theory, Observation and Interaction Skills

This is a leadership camp aimed at introducing teens to working with youth in a camp setting. This course places emphasis on theory, observation and interaction skills. 

Note: 12 year olds can try L1, and with Instructor approval, continue to future levels

Level II - Counsellor in Training - Theory into Practical

This camp expands Leadership Theory beyond what is explored in Level I. It focuses on preparing teens for a role as a camp instructor.

Prerequisite: Level I

Level III - Counsellor in Training Advanced - Planning, Organizing and Budgeting

Building on Levels I and II, this camp is all about Head Instructor Basics. You will develop skills centered on organization, lesson planning and budgeting.

Prerequisite: Level II

Level IV - Camps Volunteer Training

This camp builds on the skills and knowledge taught in Level I - III with emphasis on Camps Volunteer Training. 

Prerequisite: Level III

Level V - Camps Advanced Volunteer Training

This camp builds on the skills and knowledge taught in Level I - IV with emphasis on Practical Camps Volunteer Training. 

Prerequisite: Level IV

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Mini University & Pre-University Camps (7 - 16 years)

Experience student life at SFU! Mini University and Pre-University both offer a 2-week camp that introduces campers to various university subjects. Campers will learn in a dynamic classroom environment, and participate in recreational activities in athletic facilities at SFU. 

Individual classes on each subject will be held each day. Approximately two hours of recreation time per day is included.

Mini University

The following subjects are offered this year:

  • Human Biology & Criminology
  • Human Biology & Business

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The following are subjects offered this year:

  • Medicine & Law
  • Medicine & Business

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Moviemaking Camps (8 - 18 years)

Young Moviemakers is an award-winning acting and video production program for children aged 8-14 and Teen Film Camp for aged 14-18.  In the one week program, participants will learn the importance of visual storytelling, scriptwriting, acting, editing and more, through the production of a short film. With the help of our instructors, students work in groups to develop and produce a short film to be premiered in front of family and friends at the end of the programs.

For more information, visit Young Moviemakers.

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Science Camps (6 - 14 years)

Experience life as a science student at SFU! These camps provide an introduction to various university sciences each week. Campers will learn in a dynamic classroom environment, and participate in recreational activities in athletic facilities at SFU.

The following separate subjects are offered weekly:

  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Earth & Ocean Sciences
  • Space Explorers

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