Recreational Camps

Clan Kids & Junior Camps (4 ½ - 8 years)

A great introduction to the SFU Camp Experience! Each week, Clan Kids experience recreational and co-operative game, creative arts & crafts, and exciting special events.

Clan Kids

Clan Kids Camp is a half-day camp for younger campers. (Can be combined with another half-day camp to make it a full day)

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Clan Junior

Clan Junior is a full day camp for older campers including an off-campus field trip, subject to weather and availability.

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Clan Sports Camp (6 - 10 years)

Treat yourself to this multisport experience! Clan Sports consists of both traditional sports, like basketball & soccer, and fun sports, like dodgeball & kickball. Each week, campers will engage in a variety of sports with others of similar skill and ability.

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Dance Camp (8 - 13 years)

Do you want to learn how to dance? Campers of all experience levels will practice a range of dance styles (which may include ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and others), focusing on the fundamentals of dance technique.

You will assist with choreography and learn about stage management, along with prop and costume design. You will participate in large and small groups, with the opportunity to perform solos. Campers work together to create a final production at the end of Camp for parents to attend. All levels are welcome.

Note: Campers may be grouped by skill and age after the first day. One to two hours of recreational activity is allocated each day.

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Dance Intensive Camp (14 - 18 years)

Focused towards youth in grades 10 through 12 who have previous movement experience, the week will include improvisation, technique, choreography, repertory, and drumming. The week will bring a new exciting perspective to participants and culminate in a final invited showing during the last afternoon.

This is an opportunity for faculty and current students from SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts to introduce potential students to the SFU Dance Program.

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Glee SFU Camp (8 - 13 years)

Come sing and perform with us! New and experienced campers are all welcome. Campers learn melodies, harmonies, dance routines, stage & prop management, and costume design. Campers work together to create a final production at the end of Camp for parents to attend.

Note: Campers may be grouped by skill and age after the first day. One to two hours of recreational activity is allocated each day.

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Health and Fitness Camps (7 -11 years)

Girls Rock

Girls Rock Camp will build foundational skills to help girls live active and healthy lives, while being strong, confident role models. Girls will explore and celebrate their own unique identities through a variety of fitness games and artistic mediums such as drawing and painting, while learning about nutrition, healthy relationships, and holistic self-care.

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Kids Rule

Kids Rule Camp will learn how to live healthy and active lifestyles in their own unique way, and become exemplary role models for other. Through a variety of recreational activities such as yoga, meditation, aerobics, sculpting, painting and more, you will learn confidence, teamwork, self-care, and self-expression. Through creative and interactive discussion and games, this camp will facilitate critical thinking skills to understand the influences from media and other sources.

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Rec Reality Challenge Camp (7 -12 years)

Be a star for the week! Based on popular reality TV shows, campers will race, perform, and challenge themselves individually and as a team during this action-packed and fun-filled camp. This camp is geared toward outgoing and enthusiastic children and pre-teens.

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Strength & Conditioning Camp (16-18 years)

Perform at the next level! Strength & Conditioning Camp is directed at young athletes to achieve the next level of performance. Under the supervision of SFU varsity Strength & Conditioning staff, campers will train for speed, power, strength, and endurance. This program will build a strong foundation for athletes in all sports through various strength-power methods, including Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics.

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Yoga Camp (7 - 13 years)

This camp is geared towards a wide variety of youth introducing yoga into their wellness practice. The week will include fun activities such as yoga classes for all levels, journaling, self-inquiry, and crafts!

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