How do I create and edit a new page?

What are Pages?

Pages are highly configurable and can contain text, pictures, videos and links. You can also use a page as your course homepage or link pages to modules.

How do I create a page in Canvas?

1. Click on Pages in the course navigation sidebar on the left. 

2. Pages can be designed to open to the front page for the course. If there is a front page selected, click the View All Pages button to select a page from the Pages Index.

Click the add page button.

3. Type a name for your page [1]. Edit the content and add links and media using the Rich Content Editor [2] or switch to the HTML Editor.

You can also add links to content such as other pages, files, images, assignments, quizzes, announcements, discussions and modules to the page. Simply click the link you want to add.

You can use this editor to create your page from scratch. You may also copy and paste content directly from another webpage, a word processing document or any other rich text source. Canvas will follow the HTML-based instructions that accompany rich text from your clipboard.

4. Once you are done, do not forget to click Save or your content will be lost. If you wish to create another page, save the existing page, then click the View All Pages button. You will then be presented with the add page button.


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