How do I create modules?

Modules allow you to organize content to help control the flow of your course by linking new or created content that is already in Canvas. You can organize content by unit, day, week, topic or outcomes.

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1. Click on Modules link in the course navigation sidebar.

2. Click + Module

3. Enter the module name [1]. Click Add Module button [2].

How do I add content to a module?

1. Click the + icon

2. Choose the item you want to add from the drop down list. Then click the Add Item button.

How do I move content within a module?

1. Drag and Drop. Click the drag handle next to the content name. A cross haired arrow will appear. Drag the module to the desired location.


2. Move to. Click the settings icon and select the Move Contents link

Choose the module to place the item of content, then specify where (Before or After a particular item) to place the module. Click the Move button [3].

How do I add prerequisites to the module?

1. Click the settings icon, and select Edit.

2. Click Add Prerequisite. NoteYou will only see the Add Prerequisite link if you have created at least two modules.

3. From the Prerequisite drop down list, select the module students must complete before moving on. Click the Update Module button. You can add additional prerequisites by following the same process.

How do I add requirements to the module?

You can add requirements for a Module that students must meet before they can move to a following Module.

1. Click the settings icon, and select Edit.

2. Click the Add requirement link.

3. Click the For drop-down menu [1] to select a requirement item from the Module. Click the users must drop-down menu [2] to select the result of the requirement. Click Update Module button [3] when finished.

You can choose whether you want student to complete all of the requirements or select one of the requirements. You can also select whether you want the student to move through the requirements in sequence.

How do I lock a module until a given date?

1. Click the settings icon, and select Edit.

2. Select the checkbox, lock module until a given date and choose the date you want to Unlock At. Click Update Module button when finished.


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