How do I set a homepage?

You have a number of options to set for your homepage including

  • the course activity stream (default)
  • your syllabus
  • modules list
  • a page
  • assignment list

1. To set the homepage, click Choose Homepage

2. Click the radio button beside the option you want to choose (to set a page as your front page see the section below).

3. Click Save

Designating a Page as your Front Page

You can also create a page and set the page as a homepage. To set the homepage as a page:

1. Click Choose Home Page

2. Click the link Front page must be set first

You will see Pages.

3. Create a page to be the homepage if you haven't already done so. See How do I create and edit a new page?

4. Click the gear beside the page you want to designate as the homepage.

5. Choose Use as Front Page

You will see Front Page beside the page you have designated as the front page.

5. Click Home

6. Click Choose Homepage

7. Click the radio button beside Pages Front page

8. Click Save

You will see the homepage.