How do I integrate iclicker classic with canvas?

Before you follow these steps make sure you create your course in iclicker.  You can also contact if you need help setting up the integration or need an orientation to clickers.

1. Select Canvas as the roster source in iclicker

1. Click iclicker

2. Click Open Gradebook

3. Click Settings

4. Click Gradebook

5. Choose Canvas from the pull down menu

6. Click Save

2. Add the iclicker registration link

Students will register their remote id in canvas by clicking on an iclicker registration link which you will create below.

1. Click Settings

2. Click Apps

3. Search for 'clicker'

4. Click the iclicker app

5. Click Add App

6. Enter iC001 for the consumer key

7. Enter 001 for the shared secret

8. Click Add App

9. Click Navigation


10. Scroll down and you will see iclicker registration at the bottom of the page

Note: If you don't see iclicker registration refresh the page


11. Drag and drop it to where you want it on the navigation at the top of the page

12. Scroll to the bottom and click Save

You will see iclicker registration on the side navigation bar.

3.  Modify and download the gradebook

Unlike with iclicker 6, the roster is manually downloaded from canvas with the iclicker 7 integration and then added to your iclicker folder. Once added to the folder, you will see the roster in your iclicker gradebook.

a) Change your canvas gradebook to list students by sortable name

Students need to be listed by last name first in the gradebook. This change is needed for the canvas roster to sync successfully with iclicker. To do this

1. Go to your canvas course

2. Hover over the column header Student name

3. Click the :

4. Choose Display as Last Name First Name

You will see in your canvas gradebook students will be listed last name first.

b) Download your roster from Canvas

1. Click Grades

2. Click Export

You will see a .csv file download to your computer.

4. Add the roster file to your clicker course folder

1. Rename the exported canvas grades csv file you downloaded to: roster_canvas.csv

Important: The file must be named roster_canvas.csv for the roster to show in the clicker gradebook

2. Click on the iclicker folder

3. Click on the Classes folder

4. Click the folder with your course name

5. Move the roster_canvas.csv file here

6. Click the iclicker app 

7. Open the gradebook

You should see your class roster. Names will display in red as they haven't synced. Unlike iclicker 6 students who have registered on canvas previously do not show as synced until a clicker session has been held.

5. Sync the Roster

Syncing the roster will download the student names matched to their remote ids when a student has registered on canvas.

Important! The names will not sync until you've held one class using clickers and there are remote ids in the gradebook.

1. Click iclicker

2. Click Open Gradebook

3. Click Sync

You may see the following screen as iclicker is trying to match the student name in

4. Click Ignore All

You should see a message that synchronization is complete.

The student names that have synced will show in blue.

Due to adds and drops you may want to update your roster. To do this, you will have to export the canvas gradebook again and rename it roster_canvas.csv. You would then overwrite the roster_canvas.csv file in your courses folder to update it.


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