How do I add Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

You can add Blackboard Collaborate or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to your course. Then, you will be able to set up Blackboard Collaborate meetings within Canvas. Also see links to student and instructor documentation below as well as student support contact.

Note: You cannot have a session over 250 students.

1.    Default the link is hidden in Canvas.
       Click Settings on the left hand panel

2. Click Navigation

3. Scroll down to BB Collaborate Ultra beneath Drag Items here to hide them from students

4. Click the gear and choose Enable

5. Click Save

You will see BB Collaborate Ultra on the side navigation.

Where do I find moderator documentation?

Note: to record a session please click the menu link in the top left corner and choose start recording. (You cannot set up a recording to start in advance.) Students can access recordings by clicking the menu link in the top left corner of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra page in Canvas.

Where do I find participant documentation for students?

Who should students contact if they need support?

The first step should be for the student to consult the Troubleshooting section of the Blackboard Collaborate website. Next they can phone Blackboard Collaborate at:


Please alert students they cannot phone in as they will be charged long distance charges. They will have to connect via the internet.


Instructor inquiries

Contact IT Services:

Support for traditional distance courses (sections C100, C200, C300):

Continuing Studies/Lifelong Learning: