How do I moderate a Parti assignment?

1.    Moderate Submissions

Click Moderate Submissions to moderate your student submissions which allows you to grade student images and choose which images you want to display to students.

You will see the following except you will see your own student images:

Please find the legend for the icons below:

Displays unrated images (ungraded images)

Displays rated images (graded images)

Selects images

If the eye is in this state the image won’t be visible in the Display Submissions view

If the eye is in this state, the image will be visible in Display Submissions view.

Prioritizes a submission by pushing the image closer the left in the ‘display submissions’ view only if the submission is already visible (see ‘the eye’).

Flags inappropriate images

Grades image 0


Grade image from 1  - 4

Rotate an image

Magnify the image

Rotate the image right or left

Magnifies the image

Allows viewing of two different images at the same time for comparison

Erases the drawing strokes


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