How do I use the Speedgrader?

Portions of this documentation are available as a Quickstart How-To video:

SpeedGrader™ allows you to save time and effort on viewing and submitting grades to student submissions. Within SpeedGrader™ you can view, score, and provide written feedback all in one place. It also provides a simple point scale or complex rubric so that you can focus on providing quality feedback. Grades are automatically transferred from SpeedGrader™ to the gradebook to save even more time from data entry. 

Locate SpeedGrader

There are two ways to locate SpeedGrader™: via  [1] Gradebook or via [2] Assignments, Quizzes, or Graded Discussion.

[1]. Locate SpeedGrader via Gradebook

1. Click on Grades in the course navigation sidebar.

2. Hover your mouse over the assignment you wish to grade, click on the arrow beside the assignment. 

3. Click on SpeedGrader to open. 

[2]. Locate SpeedGrader via Assignments, Quizzes, or Graded Discussion

In this example, we will open SpeedGrader using one of the Assignments. 

1. Click on Assignments link in the course navigation sidebar. 

2. Click on the Assignment title to open the assignment. 

3. Click on SpeedGrader link under Related Items

This option will be available for ALL graded assignments, quizzes, or discussions.


How to Navigate SpeedGrader?

  1. This is your student list of all the students in the course including different sections of the same course.
  2. Click on the Gradebook link brings you to the Gradebook page.
  3. Click on the Course Home link brings you to the Course homepage.
  4. Click on the Mute Assignment link to disable any grade change notifications, submission comments, curving assignments, and score change notifications to students until the assignment is unmuted.
  5. Click on Settings link to sort student list or hide student names in [1].
  6. This tracks your progress on graded assignments and the average grade students received. 

7. This lists all submissions that are submitted and submitted files for downloading to your local computer.

8. This is your marking area where you can assign a simple grade/mark or you can mark according to the assignment rubrics.

9. This is your comments section where you can provide feedback to student or students (if it was a group project). 


10. This is the preview area for the submitted file, if you do not wish to download the file to your local computer in.

[1]. Student List and Assignment Indicators 

The student list will display all sections by default. You may wish to sort students by section here, click the Showing: All Sections button and then select the section(s) you wish to view.

The assignment indicators are to identify an assignment submission status. Based on the following:

Green checkmark Assignment has been graded
Yellow checkmark Assignment has been re-submitted
No checkmark Assignment has been graded
A faded checkbox Assignment has not been submitted

[4]. Mute or Unmute an Assignment

  1. In SpeedGrader, click on the Mute Assignment link. 

    2.  A pop-up window will show, then click on the Mute Assignment button. 

3. To ensure the assignment has been muted, go to the Assignments page and you see a crossed-out microphone sign under the Score column for the muted assignment. 

[5]. Sort Assignments in SpeedGrader™

In SpeedGrader, click on Settings link.  

A pop-up window will display two options, Sort student list and Hide student names. By default, the student list is sorted alphabetically by student last name. Click on the drop-down menu to see other options. 

You may also sort the list by submission date or submission status.

There is also an option to hide the student names in SpeedGrader, which will help prevent bias when marking. Student names will show as numbers (e.g. Student 1, Student 2) in the student list [1]. 

[7]. View or Download Student Submissions

Located on the right-hand side of the page, you will see Submission to view. Click on the drop-down menu to view other submissions from a single student.  

Select the submission you wish to view. The file will open in the preview area [10]. 

You may also wish to download the file by clicking on the hard drive icon. 

[8]. Assign a Grade

To assign a grade to the student, simply put a grade into field [1].

If a rubric is assigned to the assignment, click on the View Rubric button [2]. 

A Rubrics pop-up window will open, fill in the points for each criteria and click the Save button. Enter the final points in the Assessment section [1]. 

[9]. Provide Feedback

There are multiple ways to provide feedback to students:

  1. Add a comment in the comment box. (If this was a group assignment, you may wish to send comments to the whole group by checking the checkbox Send Comment to the Whole Group.)
  2. Attach your feedback in a file by clicking on the files icon. Then click on Choose FileChoose File.png
  3. Click on Submit Comment when finish.