The documentary, A Sinner in Mecca has been awarded numerous awards including: The New York Times Critic’s Pick, Grand Jury Award for Best Doc in the LA Movie Festival and sold-out in Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan (home to the largest per-capita Arab population in the United States). But perhaps most importantly the Urdu, Arabic and Farsi social media sphere has engaged in intense debate regarding the issues of the film.

The Vancouver premier on March 30, 2016 promises to have the same kinds of engagement here: about the power of story and documentary film to open up conversations about culture, religion, purposeful provocation, Orientalism. Colonialism, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia and the policing of controversy from within and ourside.

This is a free and public event. Professor Adel Iskander from SFU's Department of Communications will be moderating an open discussion with director Parvez Sharma after the film.