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“Untangling the Leviathans of the Arab Spring,” interview with Amal Ghazal by Lasha Markozashvili, Revolutions: Global Trends & Regional Issues.

Amyn B. Sajoo, Social InclusionThe Fog of Extremism: Governance, Identity, and Minstrels of Exclusion

Rima Berns-McGown, Calgary HeraldSuccess stories are possible, but Somali-Canadians are faced with overcoming trauma, racism

Rima Berns-McGown, TorontoistA Life Worth Mourning

Amyn B. Sajoo, Religion Dispatches: It's Theology, Not Baseball: Misunderstanding Iraq's Sectarian Conflicts

Amyn B. Sajoo, Open DemocracyFaith in Rights: Ethics of the Public Square

Paul Sedra: Pope Tawadros II and the Quest of Egyptian Sectarianism Tahrir SquaredMarch 14, 2013.

THE VANCOUVER SUN: YVR Tops in Country Seizures of Undeclared Cash by Zoe McKnight, March 4, 2013.

Paul Sedra: Egypt's State of SiegeEgypt Independent, February 20, 2013.

Paul Sedra: The Dignity of Hamada SaberJadaliyyaFebruary 5, 2013.

Paul Sedra: The Tragedy of the BrotherhoodEgypt Independent, February 3, 2013.

Andre Gerolymatos: Syrian peace envoy asks UN for helpJanuary 30, 2013

Paul Sedra: Al Jazeera English interviewJanuary 25, 2013.

Paul Sedra: The Revolution and HistoryJadaliyyaJanuary 25, 2013.

Paul Sedra: The Revolution ContinuesEgypt IndependentJanuary 21, 2013.

THE VANCOUVER SUN: Ethnic mix Among Muslims gives peace a chance by Douglas Todd, December 11, 2012.

Paul Sedra: Morsi's Failure in Leadership: The Battle for Sovereignty in EgyptCounterpunch Newsletter, December 10, 2012.

Paul Sedra: The Ethics of ElectioneeringAl Arabiya NewsNovember 7, 2012.

Andre Gerolymatos: More Poolice and Cameras needed on the SkyTrain lineNews1130, November 4, 2012.

Eva Sajoo: Debunking the 'oppressed' Muslim woman mythThe Vancouver Observer, October 6, 2012.

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Gerolymatos, Andre

More Police and Cameras needed on the SkyTrain lineNews1130, November 4, 2012.

Radio Interview CKNW AM 980

VANCOUVER SUN: Why the U.S is impotent to act in the Middle East

THE PROVINCE: Canada has "turned its back" on human rights by Ethan Baron

TORONTO STAR: Tories' talk on human smuggling annoys immigrant voters by Petti Fong

NEWS 1130: Ghadafi's compound attack

NEWS 1130: News1130's Jesse Johnston speaks with SFU International Security Expert Andre Gerolymatos

NEWS 1130: Gadhafi death will mean end of coalition: security expert. He hopes NATO will stay in Libya for awhile.

VANCOUVER SUN: YVR tops country in seizures of undeclared cash

MacLean, Derryl

THE VANCOUVER SUN: Unique, diverse Muslim population grows in Metro Vancouverby Douglas Todd

THE VANCOUVER SUN: Vancouver's Muslim community anything but monolithic by Douglas Todd

THE VANCOUVER SUN: Ethnic mix Among Muslims gives peae a chance by Douglas Todd

Marks, Laura

MIND THE GAP: Introducing Laura Marks

Moustafa, Tamir

Contributor: The Mark

How Will Western Reactions Affect Egypt? As the West struggles to keep pace with the changes occuring in Egypt, Canada’s silence and the U.S.’s support for Suleiman may actually serve to strengthen the existing regime.

FOREIGN POLICY: Does Egypt Need a new constitution?

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Let's keep the pressure on Mubarak

TORONTO STAR: Autocrats still rule Egypt, reformers say

JADALIYYA: Anti-Authoritarian Revolution and Law Reform in Egypt: A Jadaliyya E-Roundtable

BLOG:  A NEW EGYPT RISING: http://anewegyptrising.blogspot.com/

Sedra, Paul

Contributor: Jadaliyya

During the revolution is Egypt he was interviewed by CBC: On The Coast, CBC Early Edition Show, CBC-TV Vancouver, News1130,



 Op-Ed: Canadian International Council


Interview with CBC regarding protests in Egypt, November 21st: CBC podcasts

Interview with CBC:One year after protests in Tharir square began, we ask how much progress has been made in Egypt  CBC podcasts

Interview with AJE regarding protests in Egypt, January 2013: AJE


Canadian International Council (CIC): How to Lose Friends in the Middle East

Al Arabiya News: The Ethics of Electioneering

Counterpunch Newsletter: Morsi's Failure in Leadership: The Battle for Sovereignty in Egypt

Egypt Independent: The Revolution Continues

Jadaliyya: The Revolution and History

Egypt Independent: The Tragedy of the Brotherhood

Jadaliyya: The Dignity of Hamada Saber

Egypt Independent: Egypt's State of Siege

Tahrir Squared: Pope Tawadros II and the Quest of Egyptian Sectarianism

Seigneurie, Ken

THE VANCOUVER SUN: World Literature conference to feature multilingual poetry slam, Four-day event hosted by SFU expected to attract 1,500 scholars.by F. Steffenhagen

Sajoo, Amyn

MACLEANS MAGAZINERemarks on Faith and Pluralism in Canada,

The Edmonton Journal Feature on 9/11: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/9-11-anniversary/Story+that+began+continues+distort+view+world+years+wars+incalculable/5383819/story.html

THE ISMAILI USA: Islamic art & Pluralism