Dr. Sedi Minachi, Research Associate

Sedi Minachi completed her PhD in Education at UBC and her dissertation on peace education in a conflict zone was published in 2011, including as the book ‘The Telling of Peace Education: Narratives of Peace Educators in the Context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’. For this research, Sedi traveled to Israel and Palestine to conduct her fieldwork.

Her BA and MA are from UBC’s Women’s Studies and Gender Relations, and her work experience with several women’s organizations focused on social justice and human rights for women, particularly in the Diasporas Communities. 

Sedi was the Project Coordinator for a 2008 study at the UBC Centre for Community and Child Health Research and conducted qualitative research among New Immigrant families from Iran. She was the lead researcher for the CUSO-VSO sponsored project in Nigeria ‘Diaspora Volunteering Strategy and Action Plan’ and came back from her field trip in Nov 2012.  

As a woman who experienced the emergence of political Islam in Iran (in her teenage years), she wrote numerous articles and shared her experiences through classroom lectures and conference presentations. The title of her latest published paper is ‘Political Islam in Modern Iran: Ulama, Islamic Militancy, and Elimination of Alleged Apostates’ (Roshandel, J. Lean, N. (Eds) ‘The Moral Psychology of Terrorism: Implications for Security’.

Sedi considers herself a global citizen and is extensively involved in peace and human rights activism through her academic and community work.