Amyn B. Sajoo, Scholar-In-Residence

As a specialist in civic culture, religion and law, Amyn Sajoo's current research is at the interface of human rights, public ethics and Islam. He teaches in the departments of History and International Studies at SFU. With the support of an SFU “International Engagement” grant, Dr. Sajoo is leading an initiative with Dr. Derryl MacLean on “Citizenship & Religion,” which includes workshops and publications in partnership with the Aga Khan University, London.

He has served as general editor since 2009 of the Muslim Heritage Series, in which the fifth publication, The Shari'a: History, Ethics, and Law, has been recently published. (I.B. Tauris, UK). The Canadian launch of the preceding volume, The Shi'i World: Pathways in Tradition and Modernity was sponsored by the CCMS in Vancouver. 

Educated at King's College London and McGill University, Montreal, Dr. Sajoo’s early career was with the Canadian departments of Justice and Foreign Affairs in Ottawa. He then served as the 1993-4 Canada-ASEAN Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore -- with fieldwork in Malaysia and Indonesia -- culminating in the monograph Pluralism in Old Societies and New States. This was followed by affiliations on both sides of the Atlantic at Cambridge, McGill, and the Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS), London.

Dr. Sajoo is the author/editor of Muslim Ethics: Emerging Vistas (2004), Civil Society in the Muslim World: Contemporary Perspectives (2002), Muslim Modernities: Expressions of the Civil Imagination (2008), A Companion to the Muslim World (2009) and A Companion to Muslim Ethics (2010). He has contributed extensively to scholarly journals and anthologies - and his writings have appeared in the Guardian, Open Democracy, Globe & Mail, Asian Wall Street Journal, Times Higher Education Supplement, and the Christian Science Monitor.