Experts and Issues


Parin Dossa

Department: Sociology


phone: 778-782-3778

Research Keywords : Aging, Social Gerontology Anthropology, Critical Anthropology British Columbia, Canada Disability Elderly Gender Issues, Feminist Anthropology Immigration Mental Health Women, Muslim women Migration, Mobility

Andre Gerolymatos, Professor

Department: History


Office Phone: 778-782-5597

Research Keywords: Ancient Greek History, Ancient Roman History, Diplomatic History, Greece International Relations, Modern History, Political History, Social History

Derryl Maclean, Associate Professor

Department: History


Office Phone: 778-782-4437

Reseach Keywords: Central Asia,History of religion, India, Iran, Islamic Studies, India Social History

Laura Marks, Associate Professor, Dena Wosk University Professor

Department: Contemporary Arts


Phone Number:  778­782­3234

I am a scholar, theorist, and curator of experimental and independent media artworks: film, video, and digital media. I am interested in the movement of art, meanings, and people between cultures. My philosophical approach favors the thought of Gilles Deleuze.

Islamic genealogy of new media art My current major project is the book Enfoldment and Infinity: An islamic Genealogy of New Media Art. This research was inspired by formal commonalities between classical Islamic art and contemporary digital art. I show how historically Islamic aesthetics informed European modernism. I suggest ways that Islamic philosophy, which informs the creation of Islamic art, can also enrich the understanding of contemporary art.

Arab Cinema: I am also writing on cinema in the Arab world, and curating programs of Arab experimental and documentary film and video. For this research I travel often to the great city of Beirut, a center of innovation in media arts in the Arab world.

Aesthetics I developed “Experience : Information : Image,” a triadic, enfolding­unfolding model of aesthetics in the new media age.

The Senses Finally, I continue to be interested in the immediate senses of smell, touch, and taste, as mediums of beauty and knowledge.

Research Keywords: Islamic philosophy experimental cinema video art intercultural senses

Tamir Moustafa, Associate Professor


phone:  617-888-1543

Other: Best reached by email

Research Keywords: Egypt, Politics of the Middle East

Amyn Sajoo, Scholar-in-Residence

Departments: History, Humanities, Political Science


Tel: 604-412-6848

Reseach Keywords: Human Rights, Civil Society, Public Ethics, Islamic Studies, International Relations

Paul Sedra, Associate Professor

Department: History



Phone: 778-782-7626

The principal focus of my research is the social and cultural history of the modern Middle East. Most recently, I have examined the connections between education and the rise of the modern state in nineteenth­century Egypt. To this end, my work has chronicled moments of contestation as to both the methods and the purposes of education — contestation between Anglican and Presbyterian missionaries, Ottoman and Egyptian officials, Coptic priests and Muslim reformers.
In a different vein, given a longstanding interest in the popular culture of the Nasser era, I am undertaking both teaching and research in the history of Egyptian cinema — specifically, the film culture of the 1950s and 1960s. I am particularly interested in exploring the images of village poverty, colonial violence, family discord, and the subjugation of women that pervade such films.

My current research considers the possible links between these images and such state priorities as eradicating ‘backwardness’ and ‘superstition,’ pacifying the ‘social body,’ and consolidating ‘modern’ forms of subjectivity— among them, the companionate spouse, the productive worker, and the patriotic citizen.

Languages: French

Associations: Middle East Studies Association

Paul Sedra is Assistant Professor of History at Simon Fraser University. He has taught at Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto, and received his doctorate from New York University in January 2006. His doctoral dissertation examined how ideas about monitorial schooling were developed in eighteenth­ and nineteenth­century England, how monitorial methods filtered into Egypt in the mid­nineteenth century and, most importantly, how such methods were appropriated and shaped by Egyptians. Sedra has published articles in Islam and Christian­Muslim Relations, Comparative Studies in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, the Journal of Religious History, as well as the Middle East working paper series of Yale and Columbia Universities.

Research Keywords: Middle East, Arab world, Islam, Egypt, Arab Christian-Muslim Relations, Arab cinema history, history of education, history of religion, Coptic church