In response to COVID-19, our summer programs will be offered through virtual formats. While this will be a new experience for all of us, we are glad to be able to continue supporting our community and offering SFU students the opportunity to make a difference.  
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The SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre is moving our programs and opportunities into the virtual realm. SFU Students interested in volunteering in the Surrey community without leaving their home can find out more here.

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Racing Readers: Making an impact

Episode description:

Strong literacy skills are one of the most important early indicators of high school graduation. Through third grade, children are learning to read. After third grade students are reading to learn. A strong start in reading thus creates a foundation for further learning and higher educational attainment. Since 2014, SFU’s Racing Readers program has facilitated this strong start through after school programming for children in the diverse and growing South Fraser community. An after-school reading program, Racing Readers connects university and elementary school students to promote literacy, numeracy and physical activity amongst children grades two to five. In this episode of Student Engage, we discuss the impact of the Racing Readers program with SFU Community Engagement Associate Trisha Dulku and Racing Reader program leader Balroop Chahal.

“It’s a tangible way to actually see the impact that you make. I think it’s one thing to read reports and look at quantitative data about the impact that you can make in a community, it’s quite another to see that look of inspiration and gratitude in a child’s eyes."

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