An inspiring volunteer experience

October 19, 2020

By Ramat Abdulrazaq

Hishaam is a professional student who aspires to be a teacher, because he loves to share knowledge that can impact others positively and grow as a person.

He enjoys learning, baking, and volunteering in his free time. Hishaam says that school has been a very influential part of his life and shares his wonderful journey as he enters the professional development program (PDP).

His Journey into the PDP program started with racing readers as a volunteer. “Racing readers has been a very influential experience in my life” Hishaam says. He shares how he went into the racing readers program because he saw it as a great opportunity to teach children how to read.

On getting to the volunteer program, without knowing what to expect Hishaam at least knew to be himself in every way possible. Getting started with the opportunity at Surrey, Hishaam met lot of nice people who taught him fast what he needed to know. He begins each session with kids from kindergarten to grade 5 at racing readers. Racing Readers is an after-school program where children are taught how to read, write and engage in physical activity.   

Starting the first session at Newton Elementary school in Surrey, Hishaam realized the kids had become very fond of him which made him struggle a little bit. He was in a dilemma of not knowing how to be friendly yet maintain authority at the same time. However, Hishaam very quickly learnt how to balance the two and his experience with racing readers turned out to be his best volunteer experience.

During his racing readers term, He had the chance to diversify his teaching during an event for racing readers program at Burnaby Metrotown library. Here, he had to teach people with different age group and wider ability range.

Hishaam describes the long year spent with racing readers program as an adventure. A memorable time he had was an interactive discussion about math filled with storytelling and snacks. He said the best part was the fact that the kids loved it.

Six months after completing his term with racing readers, Hishaam found another opportunity with Big Brothers which consisted of adults within the range of 20s – 30s. He had a completely different experience here, as he coordinated weekly learning sessions with a diverse group. Currently, Hishaam is working with Media Minds where he teaches youth animation and editing skills.

Hishaam concludes by saying he loves to diversify his experience and racing readers was the start and most important journey as to how far he has come now. He also mentions his meeting with an influential leader Trisha Dulku, who helped him out a lot in getting into his PDP program where he is now able to pursue more variety of opportunities. 

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