As we come to the end of 2020, we want to say Thank You!

By Trisha Dulku | December 17, 2020

Another year has almost passed. A year like no other. Masks have become the new accessory. Hand sanitizer greets us at every entrance to every building. We remain physically distanced and within our ‘bubbles’. Seeing colleagues, our peers, and family on a screen has become the norm. Travel plans and social engagements are a distant memory.

It's been a hard year. A crazy year. A year of reckoning. On a personal level, I've been thinking about the duality of life during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

I've had days where I grieve the little things that have been taken from me, like spending time with my Nani Grandma. And I recognize that it's a privilege for me to feel this way.
I've had moments where I feel bad for not being productive. And I have to remind myself that it's okay not to have the capacity to always DO and CREATE. Sometimes it's okay to just BE.
Thinking about the state of the world and doomscrolling through updates and the news makes me anxious and sad. And I try my best to take healthy breaks (ie: Quarantine-Walks) and find moments of joy (usually by visiting some of our virtual youth programs, since kids always bring a smile to my face).

This year is not a one size fits all experience. Not on a personal level and certainly not on a community engagement level.

The SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre had been in full swing with in-person programming, events, and collaborations at the start of 2020.

March led to a pause.

Consultations with our program participants, community partners, and stakeholders led to a pivot to virtual programming. In April, I was so impressed by our Student Leads and their willingness to support the implementation of in-house virtual programs via Zoom. Then Summer semester came and over 250 SFU students (3x more than the amount of volunteers we have ever had in a single semester!) stepped up to either virtually volunteer to support newcomers and youth OR volunteer in socially-distanced opportunities with our community partners.

With Fall semester now coming to a close, we want to say THANK YOU. Whether you've been involved with one of our programs as a volunteer or participant. or if you're a community partner who we've collaborated with during this difficult year - thank you.

Please take care of yourselves, your friends, and your loved ones during this winter break; you’ve got this, and we’ve got you. We look forward to reconnecting in the New Year.