Kimran Nijjer

Need Fresh Groceries? Do you want to contribute to the Food Bank? Why not come to the “SFU Food Hub” at Burnaby?

December 10, 2020

By Daniel Hartanto

Kimran Nijjer is a 3rd year Health Science student under the Faculty of Health Sciences. She is currently volunteering with the SFU Sources Food Hub since last June 2020, which is when the pandemic started to emerge. Moreover, she is a peer mentor in the health sciences program to provide mentorship and guidance, to help younger students transition into university life.

Want to hear more about her experience in joining the SFU Community Engagement Center? Let us look up her thoughts:

I am a 3rd year health science student in SFU, I also have an experience of volunteering as a peer mentor under the faculty of health science. Additionally, as the pandemic started to emerge, I was looking for a contribution to help people, so I joined the SFU Food Hub.

My role there was to do a quality check and organize the food that has been recovered from local stores. Food that the stores cannot sell, will be brought to the food bank to prevent wasting them. If the quality is up to standards it is given to the people or community that need it. It is completely free for them.

From this opportunity, [I learned how to work in a fast pace environment as we handle a lot of food and only had two hours]. For me, it has been a very nice to help others because we meet different people each day we volunteer.

If you are really interested in helping out with the community, especially as we are currently struggling with a pandemic. SFU Food Hub might be a good opportunity to help the community around us.

If you are interested in initiatives like the SFU Sources Food Hub or any other opportunities, simply click the link below!