Can You Dig It (virtual & on-site)

Inclusive, welcoming food-growing gardens where people can learn and share!

The SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre is supporting community gardens in partnership with Can You Dig It!  This program strengthens communities to create inclusive and welcoming food-growing gardens where individuals from all backgrounds and life experiences can learn, share, grow, and contribute to the betterment of their community. The overall goal is to strengthen the local food system and enhance community connectedness.

The Province has designated community gardens as essential food and agriculture service providers during the COVID-19 response. This includes shared gardens that are on public, private and school district land. Food insecurity is an ongoing challenge for many individuals and families who have lost incomes or access to community food programs due to the pandemic. 

Currently, we are supporting CYDI with volunteer social media communicators, to highlight the people involved in community gardening and their stories. 

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