Red Fox Youth Cafes (virtual)

Linking Indigenous, newcomer and inner-city youth to post-secondary pathways

The SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre (SFU CEC) is partnering with Red Fox Healthy Living Society to offer workshops on post-secondary pathways for youth ages 18-15 who face barriers to employment -  racialized, newcomer, Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, people with disabilities, etc. The youth are part of Red Fox’s Youth Employment Strategy Internship Program, a three-year initiative that will involve 7 cohorts. Each cohort will participate in 10 weeks of training and skill-building followed by an 8-week internship and support for moving into employment or post-secondary education. As part of each cohort, SFU student volunteers and SFU staff will engage in a half-day workshop to share information and experiences that make post-secondary pathways more relatable and accessible to the youth participants. 

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