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Surrey is a very culturally diverse city with 40% of the population foreign born, and receives more Government Assisted Refugees (GARs) than any other BC municipality. This rich diversity brings vibrancy and innovation to the City, however both newcomer and "receiving" communities in Surrey are experiencing challenges in adapting to new ways of being and living such a diverse city. 

The Inclusive City Cafes will provide a safe and welcoming space for community members to discuss the challenges and opportunities of living in a diverse community and to start to explore how we can become a healthier and more inclusive City.

This series is a partnership between the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership, the City of Surrey, SFU Philosophers' Cafe, and the SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre.

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Past Cafe Topics:

  • Is there something therapeutic about First Nations hand drumming?
  • Viewing Canada's First Nations Through Language
  • Lack of Affordable Housing & Islamophobia: How can we address the systemic barriers preventing a liveable & inclusve city?
  • When does "Where are you from?" turn from curiosity to unconscious bias?
  • No Ban. How does the US travel ban affect us?
  • Why did a Muslim woman stop taking public transit?
  • Surrey Proud - turning stereotype and stigma into positivity
  • Engaging newcomer residents in emergency planning
  • The role of research in uncovering the refugee experience
  • Do I know enough about other cultures?
  • What do you see more: similarities or differences between cultures?
  • I am not a global citizen and I am happy about it. What about you?
  • Is cutlure something that one is born into, can be learned or borrowed?
  • Culture - Blessing or Burden?
  • Helping Immigrants Integrate
  • Volunteering: a foreign concept?
  • Surrey immigrant youth: challenges and opportunities
  • Honouring diverse beliefs
  • Accented Beings: Narratives of the 1.5 generation
  • Canadian Citizenship: What does it mean and why is it valuable?
  • Five Hundred Years & No Change: Aboriginal Rights in Canada
  • What is the "Barbaric Cultural Practice"?

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