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We now admit on a rolling basis. Start any time and join existing students in their course of study and welcome new students as you proceed through. Start building your CED community here. 

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What do we ask in the application?

1. Your educational background. (We encourage applicants with diverse educational backgrounds; this includes lived experience.)
2. Your computer software usage.
3. Your CV.
4. Your role in the community or your work.
5. Any challenges in your community you are trying to address.
6. Any experience you've had working in your community to effect change.
7. Your learning goals.
8. Anything else you'd like us to know.

NOTE: The first time you apply to a program, you’ll be asked to create a student account by completing a simple profile and setting a password. You’ll need to log in to this account to complete any future transactions, including review your courses, schedule and grades online. We recommend you use your personal email account for this purpose.

Want to take just one course? 

Sure! You can join in with the certificate students for one, two or more courses. Here's what's coming up. Click on the titles to register. 

Starting March 27: CED 228 Financing CED.

Starting April 10: CED 230 CED Approaches to Food

Starting May 29: CED 122 Economic Development for Well-being

Starting June 12: CED 123 Sustainable Development: People, Planet and Places

Starting July 10: CED 124 Locanomics 1: Principles for Community Prosperity

Starting July 24: CED 127 Resilience 1: Community Economic Resilience

The price for each course is $450; GST is not charged and an official tuition receipt is issued. 

The courses are entirely online and taught through online video recordings you can access 24/7 once the course begins. As well, three online, live events occur during its three-week duration, all on Wednesdays during the three-week duration of the course: 

*The first and third Wednesdays after the class begins, from 11:00 PT - 12:30 PT, chat hour (and a half!) with the Director (optional, there for your questions). 

*The second Wednesday after the class begins (ten days from the stated start date) from 12:00 PT - 1:30 PT, Lunch & Learn with instructor or other expert in the field (highly recommeneded you attend live online). 

If you decide you'd like to take the certificate in full, you can count these courses towards the certificate at any time. 


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