Meet the 2019-2020 Cohort

We are excited to introduce the 2019-2020 Cohort! Click through to learn more about their backgrounds and what issues they are passionate about working on. 

Amber Attachie


Diana Barry

"I want our communities to thrive as much as the people that join this program, and even though our work may seem small, I know we are making a difference."


Navneet Chattha

"It only takes one idea to change things but for that idea to grow into something great, there needs to be leadership and support. How can we all work together to create a wonderful world for the future generations?"


Simon Irving

"The challenge that I am trying to address is how to find ways of developing climate solutions that reduce GHGs while also building healthy communities. I strongly believe that climate change represents an opportunity to shape and care for our communities in new and equitable ways."


Carmen Lawson

"I want to motivate; ask the right questions, sharpen my listening skills, organize priorities and be efficient and effective to get this job started and moving."


Davide Loro

"I want to use the program to prioritize and find the quick wins that will give us momentum to build upon."


Kelly McBride

Heather McCauley    

"I am driven to be part of the solution. I hope to be able to provide a meaningful impact to help more people in my community."


Melissa McKay    

"My role within our community is to assist in providing programs and services to our Nisga'a people, aiming to have a self-sustaining society that will benefit all our members."


Michelle Morton  

"Creative solutions are needed to tackle the big problems of our times. Because our climate is changing so rapidly we also need to change how our economies and communities function. I want to help make that happen."


Helen Platts  

"My role is to develop and deliver a CED plan for Bowen Island that is understandable, achievable, and measurable, and allow a more strategic and sustained approach to community economic development that will help Bowen Island remain rural and true to the goals of the Islands Trust and our Official Community Plan."


Kirsten Ryan

Reid Skelton-Morven

"I have made it a personal mission and vision to help individuals reach their potential, and identify and pursue their passions, and if they cannot find it through directly available employment or a specific opportunity, that they then can create that opportunity for themselves and others through entrepreneurship and social innovation, and utilize those to create new and innovative ways to help shape our future, and create an impact."


Kimberly Stewart


Jodie Surerus

"I am a hard-working individual, I have a passion for helping others and love the community I work in."