I Would Rather Be A Dreamer

September 04, 2019

My vision for my people, and I mean all Indigenous People, is to have complete self-determination with no Indian Act, equity and equality at all levels.  We will not carry enormous trauma, hurt and pain in our hearts. Our souls our free to be fully spiritual and connected our land, language and all beings in all worlds.  To leverage all opportunities, to use all our strengths, know our limitations, face our challenges, and find space for our entire well-being. To not be small in any way, shape or form.  To be seen as whole people, not less than in any way, and given the freedom to be Indigenous our way…not how you think we should be.

How does this look in our communities?

  • Schools designed for our ways of learning and teaching
  • Our own governance
  • Economic freedom, collaboration and partnership
  • Housing for all members
  • Policies, Laws, etc. designed to meet our needs, our way
  • No or very limited number of children in care (Preventive based model of Child Welfare)
  • Healing becomes a part of our daily life
  • No more proving our way through a colonial system in any way
  • Women lead the way once again, with the men leading the charge

We would find a balance between both worlds and not be dominated by a colonial way of being, doing or thinking.  We regain our Indigenous knowing fully into our daily lives and make good decisions in that knowing.  Meaning there is balance in our well-being and governance in our communities is formed and based in a wholistic knowing, including the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental places of our lives.  Non-Indigenous worldviews do not allow space for all of these spaces at all times in leadership.  It is seen as inferior or weak, but the truth is, there is so much more than just power in that space.

This seems like a dream, but my vision is from my heart, soul and my value in the beliefs of ways and the teachings of our ancestors.  But I would rather be a dream or visionary, than to limit any possibility of greatness for my people.  Dreamers or visionaries are the ones who have leapt us into the future, but the systems don’t actually hold true space for them.  They usually have to remove themselves from the systems, to fully flourish.  So, I want to be a dreamer, hold space for it, and be the champion for the greatness happening now, tomorrow and in the future.  Our road to our true destinies is just emerging and our star children, will lead the charge to this new way of being.

My belief in this is so true, that till I’m gone, I will be to dedicated to ensuring its fruition.  Economic Reconciliation is the cornerstone of this shift, as it embeds a new way of doing towards the well-being of our people.