We have designed the Certificate Program for Community Economic Development Program to give you maximum learning and hands-on experience, while still maintaining your other life obligations.

Here's how it works:

One-week in-person intensive

We kick off the program in October by bringing the cohort together at SFU in downtown Vancouver. This first week lays the foundation for the rest of the program as the students get to know one another and learn what each member of the team brings to the table.

Part-time online learning

Over the course of the school year, three online courses are delivered in an interactive live virtual classroom. The weekly lectures are 2 hours long, and require 1 to 4 hours prep time each week. The time spent with instructors each week is divided between lecture (accessing new knowledge) and student clinics (experimental learning).

One-week in-person intensive

We finish with another one-week intensive at SFU in downtown Vancouver. This final week is very exciting with the social innovation challenge (where students practice pitching and refining social innovation ideas) and the new economy study tour which gets students out in the Vancouver community learning about local social enterprises. The final week is also an opportunity to consolidate relationships and reflect on the learnings of the year.

Earn a certificate in 8 months

Upon completion, students have not only earned Simon Fraser University's Certificate for Community Economic Development, they have also co-created a strong network of CED colleagues working across B.C., Alberta and beyond.

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The Program's broad-based grassroots approach to community economic development is extremely valuable, surprisingly innovative, and completely refreshing. Every economic development professional should take the SFU-CED Program!

David Kalinchuk, Economic Development Manager

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