Call for CED Experts - CED Assessment Teams for Mill Closures

April 05, 2020

Currently the province is experiencing an unprecedented number of mill closures and curtailments that are impacting communities across BC. SFU CED is putting together our CED Assessment Teams to deploy to impacted communities and support emergency economic responses. 

We are currently looking for CED experts to participate on our assessment teams in impacted communities. We are in discussions with partners to deploy these teams over the summer, generally for two- to three-day deployments. More details about our assessment team methodology can be found here:

In assembling our assessment teams we are looking for the individuals who have the following:

  • A current or recent role in community economic development. Examples include municipal EDOs, leaders in non-profit organizations supporting economic activities (e.g. Community Futures, etc.), practitioners in social impact finance, social entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Experience in rural contexts, Indigenous economic development, and/or experience in economic downturns.
  • Moderate flexibility for deployment. Generally need to be ready within a few weeks of a request, and be willing to travel for up to three days. We hope to have multiple teams, so you would only need to commit to one deployment if interested.

CED Certificate alumni are highly encouraged to apply. We are also actively looking for Indigenous CED experts. All travel is convered and stipends are provided for your time. 

For more information and to propose yourself as a member of a team, please contact us and provide 1) a current CV, 2) a brief description of your interest, and 3) your available dates in July, August, and September.