Events for TAs, TMs and ITAs

Whether you are a new teaching assistant or have been leading labs and tutorials for years, the TA/TM team in the Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE) is here to support you. Each month we organize an online Ask Me Anything session—bring us your questions and challenges and we’ll help you find solutions, locate resources, and connect with peers and experts who can share their experience with you.

If you are an international teaching assistant, we have a special ITA Workshop Series just for you. This series offers practical responses for the issues you face in your teaching support role, such as time-saving strategies for grading and good practices for delivering written feedback. Best of all, you can attend either online or in-person.

Check out the event list below to find upcoming sessions.

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Want more support? Visit CEE’s Multilingual Learners page or access a rich collection of resources in the TA Hub.

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